HELP! Bought a fake, haven't paid yet...what should I do now?


Oct 15, 2007
I posted this in the "authenticate this" forum and was told by Rebecca that the bag was a "good" fake. The lining is wrong, heat stamp would be wrong (you can tell from the vachetta it's on) and the zippers are wrapped. Can someone let me know what I need to do at this point? I haven't paid the buyer yet and have reported it to ebay so what are my options now? Do I just sit back and wait for ebay to react? What if they don't react and she ends up giving me a negative for not paying her? :confused1::confused1::confused1: TIA


I've been looking for a Manhattan PM (at a reasonable price) for the longest time and came across this auction. The price on it is MORE than reasonable and I just grabbed it before it slipped away. Then I thought to myself that I should get some of the "experts" to check it out because you know what they say when things are "too good to be true"..... :shame: I haven't paid for it yet so I was just wondering if some of you LV experts could authenticate it for me. Thank you in advance. ;)