HELP! Bought a fake Chanel from Ebay 7000+ positive seller!

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  1. #1 Oct 29, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 30, 2011
    Hi There,

    Here is the story:

    I bought this Chanel lamb WOC bag on Ebay on 14/09/2011 and pay it via Paypal, received on 30/09/2011,I never thought I bought a fake bag from seller is over 10 years and have more than 7000 positive and the bag looks perfect!

    I walked into Chanel store on 28/10/2011 because I need buy a necklace for gift and than I saw another lamb WOC when I compare them, it is different,the store one is more soft my one is stiff and fluffy.

    I post the pics on this froum to authentic the bag, they said it is fake, than I email The to authentic the bag, they said this is fake bag.
    On 28/10/2011I send SNAD to paypal and escalated this dispute to a Claim. The seller said they have original receipt from Neiman Marcus, Sunrise Florida, But the bag is totally fake!

    How can I win the SNAD? Is the seller has absolute advantage? I pay $1250+250 tax on it! But the seller is in good reputation and it is already 1 month after I got the bag.I post the photo below. The seller gave me all the receipt,tags,card mathing the sticker and the dust bag. But it is fake!


    Thank you for contacting Etinceler Authentications for your Chanel authentication needs. Based on the details of the pictures shown in eBay auction 380369628880, Purse Forum post 8343, and additional pictures you provided to us, this red quilted wallet on chain (serial no. 11127595) is a counterfeit. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  2. Did you pay with a credit card or Paypal balance?

    Also, it might be a good idea to delete the Etincelar info as the counterfeiters are always looking for ways to improve iykwim
  3. Yes, I pay it with my debit card via Paypal, is that possible if I can make a dispute with MasterCard?

    I already give the PayPal Etincelar information.
  4. Did you contact the seller before filing the claim? If so, what did they say?
    Also, the date on the receipt is 09/03/11. The sale can be still in their system. Maybe you can contact them to verify the receipt?
  5. I might be wrong- maybe a specific store thing, but in my spending over $120k per year at neimans for the past 15 years, with chanel bags and charge sends, I have NEVER had a NM receipt specify the color of the bag, nor does NM mark items final sale. I would venture to guess that this is also a counterfeit receipt. I bought 2 Chanel bags a week apart in September 2011 and they DO NOT have all that crap/ extra detail on them. Both of mine have gift receipts with them as well...
  6. I would file a cc chargeback if PP doesn't play. I would file now.
  7. if you pay with a regular credit card you can dispute the charge with your cc company but a debit card has no protection. Did you open a case in ebay. I have one everytime and keep contacting the seller as proof that the item isn't what they said it was.Good luck.
  8. Yes, I contact seller, and they said it is authentic, they bought it from the NM store and they said they have been in EBay for 10years and more than7000+ positive feedback, they never sell fake!
  9. This information is so useful, I will tell PayPal when they need more information.

    Thank u so much.

    But Paypal may thought the seller would't sell a fake bag because their reputation is perfect!
  10. That is so bad for me, do u think I won't get the money back?
  11. But I am in Sydney, how can I contact Neima Marcus?
  12. Look up there number online speak to manager and email this stuff and this posting so don't have to repeat. Tell seller to contact neimans as well they will totally investigate. This was purchased at neimans Marcus outlet! That's whT last call is so bait switch possible.
  13. OK, I will speak to NM first!

    I googled a plenty chanle bag card number is "11127595", this one shows in a grey maxi bag and it is fake!

    Maybe the receipt is auth,but they swith the bag!

  14. Neimans will get loss prevention involved...I don't know abt sydney but neimans is very strict abt fraud I've seen FBI there many times they also have video footage of transactions n such. I don't think they could of sold fake bag heavy checking when u return once I returned a sale Chanel bag it was heavily checked by a manager! Andi think any one would be easily deterred from from returning fake to store bc fraud over 1000 Usd on video u would go to jail. Just a lil USA info.
  15. I doubt the seller bought a auth bag but swith a fake one.
    I found planty website and pics in same card and number, is it will help me to win?