Help Bottega Hobo size


Mar 15, 2006
i'm not sure if you've seen this, but this is from

i think it's the large hobo and it looks pretty big! I'm not sure what the smaller size looks like though.


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Jan 10, 2006
I think the large is a little big, but to me the small is too small.... I think there might be a medium out there, but I can't remember--I'd suggest contacting BV's online customer service. They're great at emailing back within 24 hours!


Feb 9, 2006
kahk3000 said:
i bought the big one, and took it right back. It was just too big.

Thanks kahk3000, i think i have the same opinion with you..the big one is too big 20x20 in...since i want one bag that i could use quite often, i think small one is better..big one is probably only for travelling or perhaps diaper bag for mums..


Jan 22, 2006
The big isn't too big unless you're really petite. I'm 5'5'' and 110lbs and it looks fine on me. IRL, it doesn't look so big as it does on the NM BV model for some reason b/c it slouches once it gets broken in and when you have things in it. And the large one can't really be used as a diaper sized bag b/c the bottom has no width and also isn't flat, so it really doesn't fit as much as you'd think. (unless you want the side to pop out and not look slouch and akward). It fits less than the city w/out looking weird.

I like the look of the small one on the edges b/c it looks a bit rounder for some reason, but it'd be too small for me and I wouldn't want to constantly have to hold the bag w/my hand. Small can't go over the shoulder.

There are only two sizes: small ($1260) and the med/large ($1630) and no in-betweens. Hope you find your perfect size!
Jan 9, 2007
I am not a BV expert but someone posted there are the two sizes, and I only remember there being two sizes. The problem I had when I tried on the smaller is that is was too tight on my shoulder. My SA said that the larger one while when you first try it on it seems flat but over time and with stuff in it the shape changes and it looks smaller on.

Now there are so many big bags out there - like Chanel Cabas - the BV large doesn't even look large to me anymore.

I briefly owned the large hobo in a perforated (with like a lace trim) more limited design last year but I ended up exchanging it (SAKS) to get a BV bag that was even more limited and I loved the style more.