help! Botkier Sasha in Jean

  1. Has anyone seen this bag IRL? My Nordstrom SA told me there were 3 left countrywide! Apparently in Boston.
    Is the color more gray than blue? Any idea?

  2. I was in Active Endeavor today, and saw the Botkier sasha Jean, both in small version and the regular oversize version. The color is inbetween gray and light blue, more like mixture of light blue with gray, I would say more gray with tint of blue color.

    I went to the store to check the sasha, but I ended up with two Bianca (one medium, one large), I really feel in love with Bianca.
  3. Thanks! I am thinking of getting the patent instead - I've never owned anything in patent!

  4. Hi baiyishang -- is the small version good enough for everyday use? I use the Matinee by Rebecca Minkoff and really want to get the Sasha but am choosing between the small and the regular oversize. :smile: Thanks in advance!
  5. ^gone!