Help! Botkier Rose Hobo problem

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  1. I recently sold a Botkier Black Rose hobo, and today the buyer emailed me and told me she used it this weekend and the chain woven through the strap broke! This was a NWT bag purchased from Bloomingdale's and it was in perfect condition when I sent it. I can't imagine what could cause such damage. Has anyone else experienced this problem? The buyer was very nice, and just asked where it was purchased, and I in turn asked her to send me a picture of the damage in case I need to contact Botkier. I haven't received a response yet.

    Does Botkier provide a warranty on their bags? What should I do? Thanks, ladies!
  2. I can't answer your question about warranty, but I have seen this problem on some of the used rose bags on eBay where one of the cords on the strap has detached and come unraveled. I think this defect may be why that kind of handle is not on the newer Botkier designs.
  3. I'm not sure about a warranty and have no idea about Bloomies repair policy but I do know for sure that Botkier will repair bags, for a fee in my case. If Bloomies doesn't do repairs, I would suggest she call Botkier and they'll give her instructions on how to get the bag to them for repair. Btw, you sound like a great ebayer.
  4. Thanks for the compliment!

    I try to live (and sell) by the golden rule, so I told her to send the bag back to me, and I even offered to pay the return shipping. My DH thinks I am crazy; he says I should not offer a warranty on handbags especially since it was NWT.

    But part of me wonders if I am being scammed; like what if she had a broken black rose hobo and bought mine with the intent of returning her broken one... I don't know. She did send me pics, so I see that it is indeed broken. But what on earth could have caused that sort of breakage after just one use? The split is in the middle of the top of the strap...Unless she hung it on something by the metal wire, I don't see how that could have happened. Bloomies said I can return it, but I am still out of final value fees... It was a tough decision to sell that bag, too...
  5. the chain on my botkier rose satchel broke today! I bought it from Bloomies...should i take it there first?

    from the earlier posts it looks like i can send it to botkier direct? what is the contact for that?

    Please let me know! I am so sad. :sad:
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