help! botkier bianca medium vs. large?

  1. I love love love my medium bianca and really want another one, but I am also considering getting a large one, just to mix it up a bit. Can anyone tell me if the large is HUGE compared to the medium? I think the medium is a pretty great size but would be open to slightly larger. Please post pics of either or both, if you have a bianca! TIA!! :flowers:
  2. hi belle...i have the medium bianca and was also trying to decide which one to get...the large, imho, is HUGE and not just slightly larger...hth...
  3. yeah, that's kind of what i was thinking from pics i have seen on various websites. i saw the large olive on eBay and that's what got me thinking about large, b/c i really want that color. but the seller's feedback is so-so (i checked thanks to Gung's suggestion in another post!) so i think i'll pass. i'm actually considering paying full price + tax from Saks - especially after some googling revealed an old tPF thread about how the bianca is being discontinued! yikes! btw, song, what color is your bianca? mine's cherry. :love:
  4. I am curious about the medium/large difference, too. I want to purchase a Bianca, but I like big bags. The large looks humongous, though. I was thinking the Bianca would be a good everyday bag. Are they sturdy? I have to go through a metal detector and my bags have to go through an x-ray machine daily. I hate seeing my Marc Jacobs bags go through that thing and they get thrown around on the rolling things....I know they are going to get mangled. I want a nice bag that can withstand all that. Is the Bianca a good candidate?
  5. I think the Bianca is pretty sturdy, though I think some have thought that the leather scratches easily. I haven't really noticed that on mine and I don't baby my bags (but I don't treat them too roughly either). I think the best way to decide if it would work for you would be to see one IRL. Darker colors might hold up better in terms of looking worn/dirty with lots of use. In my medium I can fit keys, phone, regular-sized wallet, hard sunglasses case, makeup bag, gum, small planner, pens, and some papers and still zip it. If you need to fit files/notebooks/etc, the large might be better. Hope that helps!
  6. Ok, I went for it - ordered med. bianca in olive full price! :nuts: i just love it so much and I feel like that color/style combo is getting hard to find and is no longer available thru botkier's website - though if anyone has seen one on sale, please let me know! i can always return the one I ordered!
  7. FYI, there are a lot of old threads about the medium v. large. A search should pull them up:tup:
  8. I think searching has been disabled. It wasn't working this past week and now it is not showing up on my screen. Is it working for anyone else?
  9. the search function is completely down - check the tPF resource center news/announcements thread for more info. :smile:
  10. i baught the large in black with the gold hw, and i dont think its large at all. i am about 5'1 and 115lbs. (if it matters). i think the med size is cute but for this style of bag i really preffer it in the large size. i like how it sluches and big enough to put a lot of things in it. i also have two small kids and go to school so i use it as a baby bag and a school bag. hehe! ;):yes: ill try to post modeling pics later.
  11. I have 2 med in black and cherry and I have enough room for what I carry. The large IRL is quite bigger than MED because of the slouch. But it is personal preference, if you are used to large bags, then go for the Large but the MED is a great in betweener!
  12. I have the large bianca in black lambskin and it is very delicate. I don't think it's a kind of bag you would want to throw around. Mine shows some wear even though I've been really careful with it. I don't think it holds well compared to other bags.
  13. I have a large black and acutally ADORE it. I was going to get the medium as a birthday present for myself and the store said they wouldn't be getting more for three weeks. Well with me being impatient I just went with the large even though I thought it might be too big... now I'm trilled I have the large and wouldn't be able to get the medium. I love it!!
  14. I have a medium in Teal and I love it. It holds so much and looks great at the same time. It reminds me of my Balenciaga Twiggy but with better pockets. I would love one in the new magenta or blue patent:yes:
  15. I have a large black and I love it but I have to admit its ginormous! Undoubtedly, it makes a great overnight/carryon bag or just a bag when you need to carry a significant amount more of your belongings, KWIM??