Help! Boston/New York!! Which Uggs?

  1. Hi!! :p I`m going to Boston/New York on March 29 and I was just wondering how cold does it get over there? Because I'm planning to buy uggs,but I don't know which one to buy. Help me pick, please. :smile: And how does the size run? Plus, I'm short, so does the tall uggs make me look shorter? Thank you :smile:

    [​IMG] Short Chestnut
    [​IMG]Tall Chestnut
    [​IMG]Short Patchwork
    [​IMG]Tall Patchwork
  2. I live in the North Jersey/New York area and although they are predicting very cold weather for the next couple of days, it hasn't been that cold this winter. As far as Uggs go, I like the tall ones in a solid color more than the short ones because they are mor versitile. I am a college kid and with the short ones I can fold them down with a skirt in warmer weather or tuck my jeans into them in the colder weather and I don't think they make you look horter either.
  3. New York is freezing! Go for the patchwork uggs! They are different, and everyone isn't wearing them!
  4. Don't buy uggs! Buy regular knee high boots!!!
  5. Go with the second pair. Chestnut Tall Uggs. Gotta love em :]
  6. i love my uggs but i don't wear them into nyc, maybe on sunday morning to the park i'd wear them. it might not be cold enough for uggs by end of march next week will be in the fifties!

    i'd buy flat soled comfortable black knee highs
  7. DITTO!@!

    NYC is cold, true, but they are a little over the whole UGGs thing. BE stylish... be fashionable... think SATC. Get some warm knee hugh boots and rock THEM. PLease... it's one of the fashion capitals of the world... be chic! You wont regret it ;)
  8. ITA!

    But, if there was a gun to my head (and I was a girl), I'd go with the patchwork, so I'm at least somewhat different.
  9. I have traditional knee-high leather boots but I still LOVE my Uggs!! Darn it I really do! I think black (or dark brown) Uggs are the best personally though. Sienna Miller rocks her black Uggs all the time, looks so cute! I'm a 9.5 and wear a size 9 , so they run a bit large!
  10. Uggs are still happening in NYC,I just saw 423432432 pairs today.. They are mostly worn for casual wear,if you want to look casual & chic get a cute pair of knee high shearling/leather boots. If you have short stubby legs dont get talls,If you have long slim lets get talls. IMO shorts make everyone look good,and they make you legs look longer.
  11. I Really Don't Think You Will Need Them For Warmth That Time Of Year And I Also Think You Can Not Wear Them Out And Night And They Will Be Cumbersome To Pack...depending On Your Itinerary, Chic Booties With A Little Heel Or Knee High Boots Will Serve You Better. If You Are Planning On Doing All The Touristy Stuff In Ny Bring Something Comfortable For The Day That Will Also Work In The Rain. If You Decide To Go With The Uggs, Shorter, Basic If Probably Best.
  12. Thank goodness I wasn't shot down for that. But I'm just anti-Uggs...Totally anti-uggs.
  13. Are you kidding, it's been freezing in the City! It also has been snowing a lot.

    Uggs are a little too trendy for me, but I don't hate them...I think they can look cute, paired with the right outfit. Get the shorts if you are shorter than 5'4", and I like the patchwork; it's different and will stand out.
  14. I agree on the suggestion to get the talls if you are tall and the shorts if you aren't. Tall boots on short people only make them look shorter. You can still fold down the top of the shorts to show the shearling, and your legs will look longer.

    While I'd like to say that you should choose a different boot and choose fashion over comfort, the Uggs will allow you to walk (comfortably!) for the whole time you are there and not spend any time in recovery for aching feet!
  15. The do run large. I got a size smaller than normal...the longer you wear them the roomier they'll get (as the inside furry stuff flattens out)