HELP: Bored at home!

  1. I am a recent university graduate and I have been job searching for the past month. Aside from applying for jobs, going to job interviews, applying for graduate school, and studying for the GREs, I do not have anything to do! I was so sick of my usual routine today that I went back and forth on the ABC Family Channel and Food Network for six hours (Yeah, a total waste of life!). What do you girls and boys do in your spare time that is productive? Any ideas? Thanks, tPF!
  2. You may be bored, but please, enjoy this time in your life. You may never get so much unstructured time at once again. Trust me, as a working girl, I would love a week of what you have!

  3. Amen! But, if you feel that you need more structure, and lots of people do, they fell bored and depressed when not in motion (I am like that), find somewhere to volunteer for a few hours per week, or set aside time to take a random fun class or something. Sometimes staying busy makes it easier to transation to a job, cause you are used to having zero spare time.
  4. ^ Good suggestions! I would also say that you can hit the gym/take work out classes or take on a new hobby :yes: Exercise will also give you more energy :boxing::upsidedown: