Help! Bordeaux First is CUT right through!

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  1. I posted in the repairing thread that is stickied at the top but it's been a month and no reply :sad:

    So I had lost my Bordeaux ('05, or '06 I don't remember) first a while ago and I hadn't seen it in MONTHS. (usually that is common for me because I tend to lay my bags all over the house and I was sure it was at home so as long as I didn't need to use it I would not look for it) But then I wanted it for an occasion and I couldn't find it! And I was so close to accusing these workmen who were renovating the house but it didn't make sense because it didn't seem like they would know what Balenciaga was when I had plenty of LV and Gucci bags laying around~

    So after weeks of searching... my bf found it for me in the trunk of my car, but underneath the bottom where you can lift up. It was right NEXT to the car jack.. and OMG.... my bag was RIPPED and CUT...

    WHen he found it for me, I cried because I was happy it was found (it was my first ever bbag and a high school graduation gift) but then I was so sad that there were dark oil patches all over it and cuts :sad: My poor baby... And to this day I have NO idea who shoved it there because I baby that thing and I don't even place her on the ground! Bordeaux is still my favorite color among all my bbags ><

    So here's pics...


    It was cut RIGHT through.. I plan to bring her to a leatherworker... But be honest everyone :sad: What are the chances she will look the same?

    Please advise me what to do :'( Thanks in advance!

    This happened in August 2009, I have kept her i n the box since then. I know this is similar to the other thread, our lovely tpf member had her bag slit by pickpockets :sad: But I don't think LMB is an option for me as I live in Canada and it costs a lot to ship the bag over to LMB.... Since it's not too big of a cut, would leatherworkers be able to stitch up the inside cloth, and then do something to repair the leather cut??

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. I would take it to a leather repair shop and see what they say, i have to smile at the fact that you manage to lose bags in your house/car :lol:
  3. ^ Lol thanks ladyisobel! I have time this weekend so I will take her out to see some leatherworkers (doctors???) ! I guess this teaches me to be more careful huh? I'm such a messy person ..... :shucks:
  4. Yikes! Sorry this happened to your lovely First. I remember pictures of another Bbag which had a leather rip but was repaired and the scar was barely a hairline. So leather can be repaired! I would take it to some stores and compare the options. Did you happen to buy the bag from a Balenciaga retailer? If so, maybe the Bal shop can repair it for you. Good luck!
  5. I would call Barb at LMB and see if they can help. How sad!
  6. Jira: Thank you for your reply! Oh that is really good news to me :smile: *Phew* I bought this bag from Aloha Rag back in '06 and I don't know if I can even email them about it since it has been so long! Canadapost is ridiculous in regarding price and shipping time, so I hope I can find somewhere local before I ship my first somewhere out of my country to get fixed! (My friend tried to ship a *care package* (a box that is about 20 inches wide and tall filled with snacks and cookies) to South Korea for a friend who was drafted in the army and Canadapost said it would be $40(ish) dollars for 3 months shipping, or $120 for 2 days express. No other options. :rolleyes: She just paid the $120, but the contents in the box were only worth $20!

    nazaluke: I will contact LMB to see if they can repair rips :smile: Thank you!!
  7. oh my goodness! that's heartbreaking :sad:
    has lmb gotten back to you yet?
  8. im currently in the same rut, to find out how i can repair the soft leather on my bbag! my cuts arent as extensive as your poor bal seems to be~ but hopefully there is a simpler solution than having to mail it into LMB. i know they do great jobs but i dont want more trauma (mailing/packing/sending) on my bag either!

    and i think youre prob right, a leathershop may be able to stitch up the inside lining.. and then almost seamlessly, seal up the cut on the outter leather.. let us know how things work out(or not) !!