Help!! Bonzale bag Reaks of Cigarettes :((

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  1. I recently purchased a beautiful handbag from Bonzale . I absolutely love the bag but, it smells like cigarettes and a musty perfume. I believe she tried to cover the smoke smell with a sweet nasty spray of some sort. Now I do not know what to do. I dearly love the bag but it is not usable as is. The listing stated it was in mint condition and no mention of smoke. I never thought to ask and now I'm stuck with a bag that smell terrible. I am so disappointed.
  2. First off, let the seller know about how you feel and communicate with her about your concerns. I think that's the best way to start things off.
  3. Either send it back or get a partial refund. If you are gonna keep it I suggest leaving it in a container with baking soda also try hanging it outside to air out some.
  4. Yes, communicate this issue to your seller first. If you want to try to de-stink the bag, there are several helpful threads on TPF about using kitty litter, baking soda, plastic tubs, etc. Good luck!

  5. The bag was purchased from Bonz so there is no SNAD process. You can't force the seller to take a return if they don't agree. Ditto partials.

    I purchased a gorgeous Prada cervo bag from a consigner. It was fully disclosed that the bag smelled strongly of smoke. They used some sort of freshener on it so I imagine it might have smelled like the bag the OP received. The freshener wore off rather quickly and I could smell the smoky smell. I never did anything to it but carry it occasionally and it now has no odor at all. I have only had it about 5-6 months. It never occurred to me not to carry it because of the smoke smell. I have never noticed a smell on anyone elses purse before either. Not that I go around sniffing for odors, mind you.
  6. Some people that smoke don't understand that their bags, clothes and everything else smell. What makes it worse (to me) is when they try to cover it up with perfume, febreze, etc. Than you get cigarettes and perfume, yuck. I bought a bag that smelled of strong perfume and I was not successful in getting the smell out enough to no longer bother me, so I had to sell it. I hope once you contact the seller they work with you, good luck!
  7. Gross. I'd try to return it. The nicotine and everything in cigs penetrates the leather leaving nasty film on it. I'd never use a smoker's bag.
  8. Have you talked to the seller about it? That's the first thing you should do. Explain how strong the smell is, point out that there was no mention of it in the description, suggest that maybe she didn't notice because she's used to the smell of cigarettes and her perfume, and tell her you'd like to return it. See what happens.
  9. Definitely talk to the seller! See if you can work something out...
    If you love the bag I would try to get the smell out, if not, try getting a full refund and return it!
  10. This is why I won't shop on Bonz.

    I'm sorry this is happening to you, I hope the seller does the right thing and gives you a refund. I could not live with anything that smelled of cigarette smoke. That smell will never go away.:sad:
  11. You can either let it air out on it's own, or spray vodka on it. It sounds weird, but it works. Don't use Fabreeze or any junk like that, it just masks the odor. Vodka will actually kill the smell. Sunshine and fresh air will do the same thing, but it may take a while longer.
  12. Hi, I have not yet emailed the seller. I really wanted to keep the bag. It is one of a kind and i love it. But, as of right now it is sitting in a spare room. My husband says it smells so bad he will not let me take it in our new car. She had sent the bag boxed up with scented lotion that was a candy apple. So now I have a cigarette candy apple purse. I am really saddened by this and I know now I should have asked if this was a smoking household. I also paid by sellers request a money order. :sad:
  13. Well wanting the bag and having a problem with its smell conflict with each other. You should just talk to your seller first about your problems, let her know your concerns and work out a solution. Maybe ask her to refund your shipping charges for the smell. Do what others have suggested about getting rid of the smell if you decide in the end you really want to keep the bag.
  14. I just emailed her. I will see what she says. I think at this point even though I love the bag it is useless to me. :sad:
  15. I feel so bad that happened to you. The same thing happened to me when I bought a beautiful bag on Bonanzle. (I always buy my bags on "the bay" but Bonanzle was the only one that had it and it was a really great deal). I read the listing and there was nothing about smoking or odor and I never thought to ask because i've never had this issue before. I took the bag out of the packaging and it smelled horrible. My hands smelled like smoke as a result. I didn't want to put my things in there because I didn't want my wallet, etc to develop an odor. I wish I had searched this forum for tips like vodka, kitty litter, plastic bins, etc. I tried contacting the seller but got no response. I ended up getting it deodorized and I thought they did a wonderful job until I sold the bag a few months later. They must have just masked the smoke smell. It was during the summer and the smoke smell must have resurfaced from being in the truck in the heat across the country for 3 days. When I sent it, the bag didn't smell like smoke to me but I did put it in the listing that I had the bag deodorized because of the odor. The buyer immediately contacted me and I agreed to a refund right away. The buyer was very understanding and everything went smoothly. I was very fortunate. The bag became a "hot potato" because I guess most people don't want smokey bags, which I don't blame them and you have to be really careful how you list things on "the bay". I ended up finally selling the bag for much less than I paid. Sorry this is so long, but I guess the moral of the story is that if it doesn't mention anything about odor/smoking in the listing, I will be sure to ask. I hope everything works out for you OP.