Help! Blush Caviar Flap or Patent Blush Flap?

  1. I've been looking for a blush color Chanel for quite some time and finally i found it! The one Ive been longing for and missed out on was the Patent Leather Blush Flap..however today, I saw a Blush Caviar Flap which is less peachy pink and has more grayish tones. Which one do you like more? I'm not sure if I want to keep looking for the Patent Leather Blush. Should I just buy the Caviar Flap? I only have the funds for either one right now and don't know which would be a better investment for me. I have to be honest, I like the peachy pink more but do believe that the caviar is more durable....HELP!
  2. I think the crackled patent is LOVELY!! I felt it was a bit dressy for me so I just returned it!! I miss it.
  3. I think that the patent is gorgeous and more unique looking while the caviar is more classic. If you can find the patent I would go for that! It would be sooooo pretty for the summer.
  4. i think the blush caviar flap would be a more "timeless" bag, so i'd pick that one. That said, both are BEAUTIFUL bags!
  5. The patent is absolutely blush while theother isnt that awesome
  6. Luv both...but I would "grab" caviar first..b'cos u don't know whether the patent will "reappear" or not..
  7. i've heard that light patent colored leather may also change color over time, so caviar seems to be a wider choice in the long run
  8. I love the patent one!
  9. caviar would be more classic so depends if u want to keep it for a while or have a fun bag :biggrin:
  10. or shall i say fling or long term relationship ;)
  11. I'd go for the patent cos the blush color looks gorgeous on patent.. it stands out so much more
  12. That is a really hard decision. After going back and fourth I would say go with the caviar.
  13. I have the jumbo patent & it really is gorgeous.. saying that I had not even known about the caviar until long after I bought mine. I've only seen the photos of the caviar But it looks Gorgeous too and If they were both available when I was shopping I don't know which I'd get! They are both so lovely, I'd say get the caviar. :heart: Personalshoppers has a medium on eBay now.. you might ask her if she thinks she can find a patent for you just to cover all the bases :idea:
  14. I would go with caviar.
  15. Although the patent is lovely, the caviar will be a more lasting piece. And I also think the patent will change color over time.