HELP!! Blueberry or Emerald???

  1. Hi guys! Just bought my first balenciaga today and i got it in the blueberry color. i felt it was closest to the eggplant color which i really loved so that's why i got it. but now im torn....i feel like maybe i shouldve gotten the emerald green one. wut do you guys think???
  2. I prefer the emerald. The reason is silly though. I often wear jeans and I think that the blueberry color looks too close to my jean color - I prefer a contrasting color like emerald or rouge vif.
    That's just me though - and I admit it's a silly reason.
  3. Beauxgoris, I totally's the reason I don't have any blue bags! I have an emerald bag and the color is amazingly gorgeous and I think I would prefer it to the blueberry!
  4. Oh it's not silly at all! I'm with you there! Though I still love my ink because I can wear it with pretty much anything, whereas for other colors like my rouge & marigold, it's slightly (very slightly! I'm not color-conservative :upsidedown:) harder.

    But to be fair, get what you want! If your heart's set on the emerald, get it instead! So you won't spend time wondering :yes::graucho:
  5. hey ya
    if you're having doubts already about your blueberry b-bag - then totally exchange it for the emerald! i reckon you should always LOVE your b-bags and not have any doubt about them.
    good luck on what you decide! :flowers:
  6. I'll like the emerald because I always view blue bags as too close to my jeans color.
  7. Just follow your heart! I myself LOVE the blueberry colour to death! I actually think it's a blue with such depth to it that it will NOT blend in with jeans. In fact, part of the reason I like it so much is that I think jeans and the blueberry bag will just highlight eachother!

    But everyone will have a preference for different colours so to each their own! so again, follow that gut feeling of yours and you can never go wrong!!! :yes: You want a bag that makes you go :yahoo: !!!
  8. I prefer the emerald. I think it's quite stunning but then again I'm partial to greens. Agree with jadecee, go with your gut feel!
  9. see i kind of feel the blueberry is somewhat more sophisticated while the emerald green is more "hey look at me and my hot bag". i think with jeans, it depends what fade you wear it with. and i dont have any bags this color yet. meanwhile i have the gucci horsebit hobo with the handle being green. which color would you guys say is pickier to wear with outfits??
  10. there's an PF owned emerald first on ebay right now. GREAT buy-it-now price!!!!!!
  11. wow that is pretty awesome for a price!! but damn i just bought this bag and the chloe paddington. i can't buy another one again!
  12. hee hee hee. you can always get it, figure out which ones you love, and then resell the one you don't want. a little bad habit that I have....
  13. I love my blueberry day bag.:tender:
    I think it goes with everything and I like it with jeans. It also looks just fab when I wear it with anything gray or white. Which is most of the time.
  14. Personally, I prefer Blueberry. I think it's such a beautiful color. I actually think it's really versatile, but I think you oughta go for the shade that you really love. It definitely sounds like you are leaning towards Emerald.:yes:
  15. I LOVE the Blueberry color...but unfortunately I already have a blue bag. The Blueberry is such a beautiful shade of blue that it makes everything you wear with it pop, even jeans!

    As for the green bags...I prefer Sapin to Emerald. :angel: