zanzibar vs rouge grenat

  1. gold ghw is gorgeous, too. Big congrats . Enjoying
  2. So happy for you that you return the previous RG with flaws and got a beautiful and perfect neutral Birkin. It was really meant to be your lucky day and congrats to you and such a sweet SA.
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  3. Congratulations! I am very happy for you that they offered you another bag that you love.
    I had a similar experience. I got a birkin sometime ago that had a dented turn lock as well. I brought it back to the store, and they offered to place another order for me in the exact leather/color/hardware combination. Repair was never a consideration because it is quite complicated to replace that piece. They told me the bag would need to be sent back to Paris, and that they would have to take the bag apart, change the turn lock piece, and then sew it back together, which could take 6-8 months. And it is not good for a bag to be taken apart and put together like that. I am so glad that you didn't settle for a defective bag!
    Gold on gold is such a classic!! Enjoy!
  4. Congratulations, classic beauty!
  5. I'm so glad it all worked out!!! Kudos to your SA too.
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  6. Congrats! So glad you got another colour you love!!
  7. Wow big congrats!!!!
  8. thank you all =) you guys are the best! =) =) =)
  9. Congrats! I think you got the best one at the end. Gold Birkin is the most timeless Birkin that one can get. Enjoy your goldie B!
  10. So happy it all worked out for you! Enjoy your gold B!
  11. I agree with everyone who wrote that you should not compromise.
    Regardless of what you are spending 'new' items should not have defects;
    if you are spending thousands it is not unreasonable to expect that quality control would never have allowed
    a turn lock like that to be offered for sale. The reason for that is open to speculation.
    You were right to be persistent and not accept the first alternative! I counted six bags offered to you within the space of two or three days: B25 rouge grenat; B25 blue zanzibar; B25 gold; B30 blue indigo; B30 blue agate; B30 blue paon. That should be reassuring to other members who do not wish to take a first, or even subsequent, bag offered.
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