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  1. hi guys, i purchased a birkin 25 in rouge grenat ghw togo 2 days ago from the boutique but when i got home the turlock has a rough edge, there was no plastic covering in it when i purchased it and is has been bothering me.. i talked to my sa and she said i can exchange it but the only she has is a blue zanzibar in togo ghw... I'm having a hard time deciding.. should i keep the rouge grenat which the color i love but has defect or exchange with blue zanzibar which i feel is too bright.. please advise i attached pictures of turnlock and the leather at the back of the rouge grenat has a weird dent as well... this is my first firkin 25... thank you so much
    IMG_6151.JPG IMG_6162.JPG IMG_6163.JPG
  2. First, I would not purchase BZ since you seem to have your heart set on RG. It just sounds like too much of a compromise given you really like RG.

    Personally, I would keep it as I'm not overly protective of my bags (I don't tend to baby them but I do take considerable care of them). I understand that not everyone shares this sentiment though. If it bothers you, perhaps exchange it for another? I realize this may take an indefinite time, but maybe you would be happiest at the end of the day.

    I know it's not an easy decision. Good luck.
  3. Is getting the defective turnlock on the RG repaired/replaced not an option? BZ would be to bright for me. I'd pass on that.
  4. I can see that turn lock has a strange jagged edge going on and a big dent on the bottom corner.... WTF??? This is not right.
    Is this a returned bag? Seems like too many issues. I'd take it back. You don't seem to want BZ so maybe you can wait for their next shipment to exchange????
  5. I also wondered if it was a returned bag.... honestly, even though I like Blue Zanzibar I wouldn't exchange it because you seem to really love the Rouge Grenat. Can you either: ask them to replace the hardware or wait for another bag? know hardware can get scratched up anyway, but a rough spot that I could feel would drive me batty. As far as the dent, I had to blow up your photo ad really look for it to see it. Is it very noticeable IRL? At the end of the day, only you can decide how much of a compromise you're willing to make.
  6. i would ask for a replacement
    the one you ave looks problematic, it doesnt seem brand new to me

    the dent is an issue and the rough edge looks like it has been used and maybe the other owner got in an accident hence caused the dent/ rough edge on the turnlock, and return the bag

    it is too expensive of a purchase to compromise anything, H shoulld know that. Dont give in to the SA , pls just demand another b25 in RG
    good luck
  7. Why would you want to compromise with a color that you don't love over a turn lock? BZ is a totally different color from Rouge Grenat too.
    You should ask your SA for a replacement as some others have said. Don't settle. This is a lot of money to settle on!
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  8. BZ is completely different shape color to GR. Don't take if you don't like the color. You can ask to another GR coming.
  9. I agree, take it back. This is a long term bag and it would irritate me every time I used it. I would take the BZ, but you have to like it and you seem unsure. I'm surprised that the boutique would allow a bag in this condition to be sold. Looks like a returned bag to me :sad:
  10. You seem to really Love Rouge G.. don't settle for a completely different colour-they should be able to sent the bag back to Paris and require a replacement for you with the very same specs..
  11. Agree with everyone else. Don't settle on quality or colour. I personally love bright colours like BZ, but you need to get what you love, even if it means waiting longer.
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    Something similar happened to me. When I went to pick up my very first Kelly (Sellier Blue Sapphire GHW 32 Epsom) that was still shrink wrapped (didnt have any birkins or kellys at this point), I was afraid to fiddle with the straps, plus, I didnt know how to. I asked my SA to "do the honors" but the protective plastic on the turnlock was loose so she took it off before unhooking the straps and flap. When she handed the bag to me, it had scratches on the turnkey! I almost died. I asked first if it can be repaired since she scratched it. She asked the manager but since it is minor they said Paris might send it back to us and not do anything. She then offered me another Kelly but the size and colorway was not right for me. It was a K25 Boungavillea Togo GHW. I decided to take the Kelly with a scratched turnkey home because regardless of the scratch, it was my dream bag. The more I used it, the more I loved it and the scratch did not matter anymore. Then I slowly acquired more H bags, which are all from the boutique but not perfect (for some reason I always find a flaw) but I no longer sweat the small stuff.
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  13. Thank you so much ladies I just came home from the store to look at the blue Zanzibar..

    When I arrived..The SA offered birkin 30 epsom blue indigo, birkin 30 epsom blue agate and birkin 30 blue paon in Clemence but I really wanted 25 in togo and neutral color..she saw me struggling then she went out and got this.. birkin 25 gold ghw togo leather

    I'm so happy
  14. Wow! super excited for you!
  15. Well, that solves that issue! Congrats!
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