stain on my new Hayden Harnett bag

  1. Hey all - I was wondering if there is anything I can do to remove a blue stain that seems to have appeared on a part of my new hayden harnett havana hobo in chalk. It's quite evident on the white leather! It seems either some color from shirt or my jeans seems to have rubbed off...has anyone else had a similar experience or know how to fix it?? I've only used my bag a few times and am so dismayed that it already has a giant blue stain on it. Any advice would be great. Thanks!
  2. awww, that's very unfortunate, i am sorry to hear that. (note to self, no white bags for me.) but from what i've heard, leather cleaners such as applegarde or a plain old white eraser helped. I've read here on tpf that some other tpfers who own white purses have used a magic eraser or something close to that and got rid of the blue dye quite nicely. search the threads and im sure you can find something. again im really sorry and i hope everything will work out.
  3. I'm sorry to hear about that. To be honest, I won't wear my chalk havana or saddle suki with dark jeans for that reason. If you do a search under "eraser" I think you'll find the thread.
  4. So sorry about that! I've heard the eraser works magic. Good luck!
  5. this happened to my Saddle Suki with a pair of black jeans and i used a white eraser on it with great results! that time i used just a no-name white eraser from the end of a pencil, but now i make sure all my bags have one of the Staedtler Mars plastic eraser in an inside pocket. i've used them on all kinds of stains (most notably, serious dark cobalt blue dye transfer on a Bulga from a cardboard box) and it generally works to get 90-95% of the stain off.
  6. oh, forgot to add i got the eraser at my local Pearl Arts store for like 70 cents.

    also, i have NOT had good luck with liquid cleaners/conditioners on my HHs or Bulgas. each time the leather darkened while using Apple Guard products.
  7. i also have the havana hobo in white and i got blue denim transfer on it today too! i would love to hear if you're able to get the stains out! it's quite frustrating as it's my second day in use!
  8. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser might work! Use a mild soap diluted with water and it should help. :smile:
  9. hi! if you go to, they have a section on how to take care of their bags and you can also contact them via email or phone...i haven't used that feature yet, but, i've heard their CS is amazing..hope that helps!