Help- Bleu Glacier/Ink/Any similar blue purple PT/City

  1. Hey Girls,

    I'm looking to purchase my first Balenciaga motorcycle bag and I have my mind set on a rich blue part-time or city (or any around that size).

    Have any of you seen any go on sale in the past little while? I know I missed a Bleu Glacier City on LVR and Bleu Glacier PT at Nordies... Bleu Glacier is definitely my first choice, followed closely by Ink.

    Let me know if you see anything!

    Thanks =)
  2. Giant hardware or regular hardware?
  3. Just so you know, you can't get a Part Time in Ink - it doesn't exist. You could get one in Marine, though.
  4. Wow, I'm such a Bal noob. I googled it, and preferably regular, but I wouldn't mind giant!
  5. Check the Cult Status Inventory thread!

    Cult Status is a gorgeous store in Perth, Australia but it is very pricey
  6. I just found and bought one on eBay guys =)

    I'll post pics once it arrives!

    (It's an Ink City)