Help! Black vs red?

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  1. Yeah...I'm on a #$%^&-ing purse ban. :sad: But of course that doesn't stop me from trying to decide on my next Bbag! When I do get it, I will likely only be able to get one, at least for a while. Right now I'm thinking it will be another City, either black or red. I thought I'd consult the experts!:graucho:

    RED - Pros:'s RED! Every time I see a pic of a rouge vif or rouge theatre, something in my heart just goes, WOW! I don't wear all that much red, although I do have a thing for red shoes. But red goes nicely with brown and black and blue, which I do wear a lot of. I don't already have a red bag. It would be impossible to be low-key with one of these, but it wouldn't stand out in an ostentatious-LV kind of way. Con: there are some things red just does not go with - green, for example.

    BLACK - Pros: Goes with everything. Practical. Fits into any environment, from biker/rocker to business to elegant chic. Would be an excellent replacement for Inky, which I have just sold (I know, :crybaby:, but it had to be done, and she's heading for a wonderful new mommy). I do have a black bag already, but it's not a Bbag. Con: My fiance, who normally has excellent taste, thinks all black bags are boring.

    My existing Bbags are Pinky ( BG pink) and Dreamy (eggplant).

    Thoughts? :shrugs:
  2. I think it is only a matter of time until you get a black one; so I think you should get a rouge vif while they are still available. Black is a staple and I think you should have it - but that rouge is a beautiful color and will look great with your red shoes.
  3. Oh no you sold inky? she was my favorite :heart: but I'm sure the new mommy will love her sooooooo.... get the Rouge! Black is always around.
  4. That's tough! Red BBags are very beautiful but one can never have enough nice black bags. I stopped wearing black bags for around 2 years but eversince I started again, I wear my black first all the time-it just looks great with everything!
    So, since you don't have a black BBag, I'd go for the black one. You will love it forever-with everything! Whichever bag you'll end up choosing,both bags are so beautiful! Let us know which one you pick! :yes:
  5. You need a rouge vif! :P It's such an amazing color! Black bags are everywhere and every brand makes a black bag, but rouge vif is so special!
  6. Oh Inky left home , she was my favorite too :crybaby: I would go with RV I just :heart: my RV city the color is so deep and rich. She is simply stunning!
  7. oooh... that's a toughie.. why are there so many darn BEAUTIFUL colours that bbags come in?!

    I think I'd also go with a rouge colour since it's a staple with a pop. Black comes out every season so it could be something you could hold off on.

    I know I have the same/similar dilemma... so many colours I want, but I'm focusing on getting the colours that I know aren't around every season and then maybe later on down the road I'll get the real staple neutral colours like brown and black (but even then... dark brown or camel?! :P )

    I'd also LOVE to get a white brief next year, but I'm worried about getting white leather just cuz the white miu miu I bought a few years ago started to yellow! :yucky:

    Anyways, back to you: I say go for something that makes your heart go Thump! and the black'll always be there later. Plus it sounds like a non-black bag will be more welcomed by your hubby! ;)
  8. You have to get Powderpuffs City, hippiechic! It must be a sign from God that he wants you to get it! LOL!
  9. ROFL! She moves in mysterious ways!
  10. I'd say Rouge Vif now and get the Black later...altho you may never get round to getting the black since there are soooo many other delicious colors!!!
  11. ITA!:P
  12. Red!!! I get soo many compliments on mine and red is really such a hot color right now. I do not think you will regret it!
  13. get the red!!! you can always get the black anytime and in any style... but balenciaga has great varieties of red!
  14. I agree with everyone and go for the RV, and get the black later!
  15. Same advice here! Get the Rouge Vif now, it's just a stunning deep strawberry red. Totally neutral. You can get Black any season!

    I wish you well,