HELP!!!!!! Black PT with GSH needed (and preferably feet too!!!!)

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  1. Hey dudes, Please can you help! I am desperate for a Black with GSH part time (one that preferably has feet!)

    I am desperate. I have a couple of bags that I can sell to fund this bad boy - but I really need one. I am hoping to get it off the Bay or Real Deal or something like that, if you see one pretty pretty pretty please let me know x x x x

  2. Someone in another thread just scored two!!! LOL, have you phoned around, worth the search!
  3. The bag looks good but please be a little careful as the seller is new and the feedbacks are mostly for very low priced dvds.

    But i'll make sure to keep an eye out for you.

  4. Thanks guys. I appreciate this, the one above looks good and I am just about to message the seller but having been burned by the Bay on several occasions I now always proceed with caution . . .

    having said that, it's sooooooooooooooo pretty!!!!

  5. Make sure you ask about the year, it says 2009 in the listing but on the tag in the picture it says 2007...
  6. this should have feet as it's an 07.
    you might want to call around as there are still PT's with feet to be had at many retailers, like barneys, norstroms, etc... good luck :tup: