HELP: Black Prada FRINGE! (yes, the -FRINGE!-)

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  1. Hello fellow Pradaers! I have recently been reborn under the Prada God Almighty (I guess her real name is Muccia). Before, I was more of a Chloe-Balenciaga-MarcJacobs-kinda'girl, but today, Prada is all I see. And Miu Miu of course. Before, I only saw those bags made out of nylon, but there is so much more!

    So, now I have a problem gals, call it a Pradaproblem. I am in love, but I cannot find the obejct of my affections anywhere... And yes, I am in love with the Prada Fringe. The tote, in black, and black only. :drool::heart:

    I live in Sweden (waaaay off Prada-land) so ever since the Fringe showed up, I have been waiting for the price do go down a bit, and searching the internet every day.
    Yesterday I found a seller through eBay, who had just bought a brown Fringe, and could sell me (off-eBay) her black one which she already had. She sent me the most yummy pictures, I paid her PayPal straight away, opened a bottle of champagne, and enjoyed it front of my laptop. FINALLY!:yahoo:
    I cannot describe the JOY!

    Then today...Mordor...!!!
    She sent me an e-mail; she said that when I was so happy about the black one, she realized how pretty it was, and SHE WANTS TO KEEP IT NOW! :wtf::crybaby: gaaawd, I screamed at my screen, ready to call her up and try to bribe her in any possible way. But no. She wants both her bags now.

    So, here I am again. Searching. Black Prada Fringe. Anywhere?
    So I thought about tPf, wonderful tPf... Does anyone of you fellow fashionistas now anywhere in any part of the world where they have a Black Prada Fringe Tote for sale?? (And shipment to Sweden that no BlueFly..)
    Any store...anywhere...
    Please help me, I am on my scrawny Prada-worshiping knees here!! :heart: :smile:



  2. bluefly had one this morning ........... it's 20% off and then use the 15% off additional coupon. Check it out.
  3. Oh I don't see it right now ........ I just checked, they only have the suede fringe.
    I would suggest checking back as they pop on and off the bluefly site.
    Oops sorry, just reread and you said no bluefly ....... Sorry!
  4. Oh than you for you reply... But no BlueFly :sad: I have a love-hate relationship to BlueFly (and to my address being Stockholm, Sweden..)

    What stores DO carry Prada anyways? Neiman-Marcus, Bergdorf-Goodman? Saks, Anyone know about any other store than those?
  5. ^Saks by me had one on double PA......I dont know if they ship international....
  6. OH MY! Jill is that true? Double sale?
    Which Saks is that? in Philadelphia? Please tell me, I'll call them straight away!

    thank you :smile:
  7. ^they had it the last time I was there..not sure if its still there though.U can try callin
    1-610-667-1550 ext 258
  8. Also try luck! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  9. LoL...she said she can't buy it from Bluefly!!! Don't torture her! ;)
  10. ^^^Oops! Didn't see that! :blush:

    I don't know how this works, but Bluefly's shipping info recommends this service for countries they don't ship to.

    If you REALLY want that bag, you should log into Bluefly, get it into your shopping cart (there's only one) and check out that service. Can't hurt to ask.