HELP- Black Nylon Saddle Experts Needed!

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  1. I just purchased this Dior nylon saddle, but was wondering if anyone owned this exact purse already because I want to make sure that i bought the REAL thing. It would be really helpful if someone could post pictures of theirs so that i can compare with the one i bought. The quality if the purse is excellent and it looks flawless, but just wanted to double check with experts :smile:
    Oh, the only reason why i'm skeptical is because i know that the inside tag usually is stitched around the whole tag, but mine only is stitched on the top. I really hope that the nylon saddles just come that way! Please help! Much appreciated!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. we could help you more if you could post pictures so we can help you verify!
  3. Post some pics in the authenticate thread and someone will take a look for you.

    With the tag, if the bag is from early 2000's then chances are it won't be stitched all the way around ;). Earlier saddles aren't always stitched all the way around.
  4. My deerskin saddle has the tag only held into the bag with stitching across the top, but there is stitching all around the tag. Bag is circa 2003 (and authentic since I only purchase at Dior).
  5. Thanks! That makes me feel so much better because i am almost 100% sure that it is authentic. But the only problem right now is that my camera is broken so i can't post any pictures until i get it fixed! (hopefully that will be soon) So, if anyone owns this exact purse and yours do not have stitching all around the tag please let me know ! ;) Thanks.
  6. I wouldn't worry about it...:yes: if you did all the research to authenticate it yourself. Like, if the font on the tag is exactly right, and every other aspect of the bag looks authentic, than it is probably authentic.

    where did you get it? If you bought it on ebay, maybe the pictures of it are still there.
  7. Hello,

    Just another quick little may want to make sure if you look on the side of the bag at the metal piece between the C and D...engraved with "Christian Dior" and there are no screws (see pics below). I believe whether the bag is current or from sometime ago this is pretty standard. Best wishes to you and happy holidays! :heart:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]