HELP Black MAM with Crackle Bottom is here!!!

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  1. I'm not sure if I should keep it!!!!!! Let me explain. It is gorgeous however it has an indentation in the leather above the front pocket that is about 1.5 inches long. I do not think this indentation will buff out, will post pics later when I'm not on my way to work. Also gold crackle in one area looks like it has this little area of small scratches. I understand that it is crackled, but the crackle pattern (if you can call it that) looks a certain way and these scratches are very close together. However I could be wrong??

    A whole separate other issue is that I wear all silver jewelry 99% of the time. Will this look tacky if I am wearing a bag with all this gold on it??? Let me just say that I loooove black it is my favorite neutral and I really really want to have a black RM bag. I bought the gold crackle because I thought it would be unique and interesting, yet classic. What should I do about this, this was going to be my designer black bag for regular use, will this bottom hold up?? Help Meeee should I keep this or ask to exchange it or just try to find the new 100% night MAM? TIA for your opinions.
  2. Post pictures when you can but I love this bag but if it's not perfect to your eye it should probably be returned. KWIM? Plus all the new colors will be out next week. :P
  3. Hm... yeah definitely post some pictures when you get a chance to.

    I'm not sure about the jewelry situation... I only wear silver as well, and it's not a problem with my RM bags with gold HW, you can't even tell... but I have no idea about the gold base. Maybe you could take modelling pics of that too?
  4. Mmmkay here is the deal. I'm going to post a ton of pics ***tomorrow morning*** when I get home from the hospital. Just beware I'm going to look seriously frightening after my 12 hr shift tonight and the one I did last night!:smash:
  5. I am biased b/c I have this bag :smile: BUT, I wear silver and platinum jewelry too, never gold, and I don't think it looks bad at all. I guess it depends on how much and how flashy the silver you wear is; mine is not that much so it doesn't interfere.

    The bottom is holding up great. I have had this bag for more than a month now and it is in perfect shape.

    Also, my bag did not have the indentation in it so that's not usual - maybe you can exchange for another one?
  6. Ok so here are the pics. I am sure you can see the indent I am talking about now. what do you think????


    close up of indentation

  7. Ok now here is the weird scratch-like thing on the gold crackle. Hmm or do you think it really is just part of the crackle bottom. I guess the problem is when i look at it that one little spot is always very visibly different from the rest. I am such an odd person freaking out this much over a purse.


    another angle

  8. In case there was any confusion as to the odd part of the gold crackle in the last 2 pics I am talking about the upper left-hand quadrant having a weird small crackle area.

    These are my modeling pics.

    average day, sometimes I do wear these sequined silver shoes and a pair of silver sandals.


    This is more businessy/work. What I might wear to the hospital etc to see the preceptor or something on a clinic day.


    Here is a more going out feel


    So am I better off trying to get a different gold crackle bottom ... or should I just consider trying to find a the night MAM? Agh decisions decisions help.
  9. I honestly think it looks great on you with all of your outfits. The gold does not detract anything from your silver attire/jewelry...

    I would however exchange it for a brand new bag. If you are not happy with all the imperfections.. I think it would end up bothering you everytime you wear it.... jmho.... have to decide what's best for you... :smile: Whatever you choose, gold bottom or no, I think you will love it! RM makes such great quality bags!!!
  10. I think you should keep the bag...i agree with dee that the bag looks great on you and it does not detract anything from your silver attire/jewelry...

    But I think you should exchange for another one...It would definitely bother me with the dent on the leather and the crack on the gold
  11. Love the bag but would exchange it for one without flaws...
  12. I think the bag looks great on your perfectshoe! I love your modeling pics too! I see that LunaBoston has gotten more of the MAB's in stock of this style, not sure about the MAM. But if you're willing to exchange it for an MAB, you should ask them to do that for you, or email them the pictures, and ask them if they can offer you an additional discount for the damages. I think again it looks great on you, so you should keep it ;)

    If you decide not too, Luna has the night/dark spot matinee which looks like a dark silver, so maybe that will work better for you? I would wait a couple weeks to see the Noir, and see if their will be a night/dark spot MA before deciding on 100% night bag if you decide to not keep the Gold Crackle.

    HTH ;)
  13. Wow the bags looks superb on you. It goes with everything. I know how it feels though to have something erk you but I think you should definately go with the bag and if you can change it for another one but the same style
  14. Call Luna Boston and send them the pictures!
  15. i know exactly how you feel, i was at the saks fifth ave today store and rebecca minkoff was there, and she was giving out free scarves from her and i wanted to buy that bag but in blue, the gold really got me thinking because it seems a little too much but when other people see it, it looks great, so i was about to buy the bag until i notice little bad flaws like scratches, i dont know i really like the black bag too and dont know if i should get it.:confused1: