HELP! black epi speedy 25 buy on ebay or L.V store?

  1. my hubby wants to buy me a black epi speedy eBay half price or brand new?
    i want that new epi smell yumm.....
    or save like $400 and buy him a pair of louis sneakers
    what do you think?
  2. This is really a personal preference I think. If you can find one that is authentic and in excellent shape and if your DH wants sneakers, this is the best option because you can both get something. However, if you are settling for something less than perfect on eBay than I would opt for new. Good luck and keep us posted!
  3. i the used one is in good condition buy it :smile:
  4. I just would never feel 100% confident in the authenticity of any brand from eBay. It's just me, but I prefer to pay full price at eluxury or the boutique.
  5. Buy it from ebay if its in good shape
  6. Personally eBay scares me... I'd be too afraid of getting a fake/damaged bag! I personally would rather spend the extra money and get a brand-new bag that I know is authentic and in perfect condition. But it's really just a personal preference.
  7. Just like everyone said it's a personal choice that only you can make.

    I'm afraid of ebay, but there are great bargains to be had. If you do go down the ebay route only pay using paypal so you can get a refund if you end up with something you weren't expecting like a fake or a genuine bag in bad condition.
  8. I had my doubts about i defintely will get my bag at a LV store.
  9. I'd prefer the boutique since it's still available there, but if you're certain the ebay one is authentic and in excellent condition, go for it.
  10. I'm really scared of the horror stories about ebay, but it's really a personal thing. I will rather have a peace of mind.
  11. I buy and sell a lot on ebay. Lately I have become disenchanted by the number of people trying to screw people and sell fakes in place of authentic bags.

    My advice: Look for a seller with a high % of positive feedback. If there are any negatives sift through the feedback and see why. See what else they are selling. If they are selling several of the same bag or lots of LV stuff I would be a little leary. Ask about the return if authenticity is questionable can you send it back. If they require a written statement from a LV employee as proof the bag is not authentic don't buy it...the stores will not provide these. Finally if all looks good make sure you buy insurance when its shipped and I would pay through paypal....

    happy shopping
  12. I'd get it from the store...worry-free
  13. I was just looking at the black epi speedies on ebay. The ones listed now (going for about half price) all have gold tone hardware, and I think the stores have only silver now.
  14. i'd get it from the store - nothing like a store experience! plus, u can pick out the best piece urself, and u'll feel assured that the item is authentic.
  15. I'd get it from the store :yes: