Help! Black dye rubbed off on my rose hobo

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  1. Hi everyone.

    Hope you all might have some suggestions on what I can do. My black Vince pants rubbed off on my dusty rose hobo/day bag. I now have black all along the bottom of the back of my bag and it is in the cracks of the leather :cry: I just tried to use some of my Apple conditioner on it and it did nothing. I think in fact it looks worse. I swear I have had the worse luck with my 2 newest bags.

    I'm so sad. What should I do?

  2. Oh no, so sorry to hear that. Have you tried the Apple cleaner? I'm not sure if it's too strong though...
  3. oh no! i hope someone comes to the rescue for you.
  4. Awww...does anyone ever had that happen with their pink bags. Now I'm scared my jeans will rub off on my city.
  5. oh dear, sorry to hear about your mishap. maybe try the Apple cleaner as percephonie suggested?
  6. oh noooooooooooooooooo hc1871, i'm so sad for you :cry:

    p.s. what happened to your other b-bag?
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