Help! Black denim or dye transfer on my red disco! :( Anyone know how to get it out safely?

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  1. I'm so devastated - I've only worn it a handfull of times but the last time I wore it, it was either a black top or my black Canada Goose jacket that wore off a bit on the bag! :sad: I have some black on the inside upper corners and am scared to do anything to it until I get some advice. Gucci wasn't very helpful on email. :sad:

    Have you ever removed dye transfer successfully from a Gucci leather bag? TIA!

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  2. ps tried baby wipes gently - didn't work. :sad:
  3. I had even worse transfer on my rose beige and got it all out.

    Get Apple leather conditioner/cleaner. Use a soft cloth/old sock to rub/buff out the stain for 1-2 minutes. Do this for A FEW days. It will not come out in 1 day. Took me about 3-4 days until the stain was completely gone.

    Most posts here are people panicking how they wiped it down once and nothing happened. The deep stain needs a few days of buffing out to come out.
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  4. I regret getting my rose beige for this reason... I am never at peace when I wear the bag.

    I put apple leather protector/conditioner on it and it didn't work. So I just make it a habit to clean it with makeup remover wipes after each time I use it. It is annoying, and it is for this very same reason I haven't worn the bag. You just have to keep doing it. Once it dries, and if it's still there, then just wipe it again. It works well, it just sucks you have to keep doing it.
  5. Gentle soap and a damp cotton clothe works wonders on all kinds of leather.
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  6. Ugh my Canada goose has ruined all my phone cases, I put my phone in the pocket and the edges of my phone case is immediately stained black. I cant really help on the removal but to help prevent color transfer I always wipe my bags down with a baby wipe and then leather conditioner after using them (not every time but if I use a bag for a week I do this before I put it away) I find that the wipe removes any unseen transfer that can build up over several wears and the conditioner help create a barrier for next time.
    Sorry about your bag, I know it's an awful feeling when you notice it.
  7. This stuff is the best! Dark denim is the bane of my bags, but this stuff totally works
  8. I don't have any advice to offer but I'm very sorry this happened to you.