HELP! Black Campana or Ball?

  1. In light of the next EGC Saks event on 10/18, I wanted to buy another black bag (actually, I don't own any black BV's).

    I'm looking for something more formal, put-together.

    Would you opt for the black medium campana, or the black OLD ball? (Not a big fan of the new ball, I think it's the hardware and the lesser functionality vs. the old)

    All recommendations would be GREATLY appreciated. I am siding on the old ball but need a second opinion.
  2. This is a tough choice as I like the wearability of the old ball but I think the medium campana is a little dressier.
    Either way you can't go wrong.
  3. sweetie since ur looking for something more formal.. i would go campana :flowers:
  4. Saks did not order the black campana unless you've magically found it at some Saks. If so, please do let me know! :yes: I would personally go with the black campana and that's what I would have ordered from Saks if they carried it. The black new ball is quite lovely too and would be my second choice :heart: I like the old ball as well. This may make your decision much easier. Also, I would wait for F&F in a week or two as this is 20% off :tup:
  5. I agree that the Campana isn't as casual looking as the traditional Ball Bag.

    Good luck getting the bag you want, esp. at a discount!
  6. Medium Campana.
  7. Wow, thanks everyone for all of your responses!
    I did not know that they did not buy the campana in black. Bummer.
  8. The ball in black looks a little dressier than it does in other colors - not dressier than the campana though.
  9. Btw, when is the F&F?
  10. Bunkie-F&F is on 24th, according to a SA from Saks. I would double check just to be sure.
  11. I agree that the camapana looks dressier than the ball, but I still think the ball is a great choice if Saks didn't stock the campana.
  12. I do like both Campana and the Ball.

    Most people don't like the Ball but I do find the design more appealing. The only worry I have is the wear of the piping on Ball. Actually, I do think the new Ball, with the intrecciatto brass rings, is gorgeous. Saw a lady carrying it and I couldn't take my eyes away. New Ball vs Campana, I would think the new Ball is a tad dressier.

    Whatever you decide, do remember to come back and let us drool over your new acquisition. Choose with your heart and just love it!
  13. I would definately go for the Campana. Let us know what you decide and do post pics!
  14. definitely campana for me, but I saw a lady with the ball and loved it on her. do try both on if possible!
  15. CAMPANA:party: