Help! Birth Control Blunder

  1. So I had a brain fart today. I'm on Ortho-Tryclen's 28 day birth control plan (been on it for about 6 years now). I usually take it in the evening around 8pm. This past Sunday was when I was suppose to start my "fake" sugar pills.

    For some reason I thought I was suppose to start a new pack. I went and picked them up today thinking I was technically late on Sunday night's dosage (since tonight is Monday). So I took Sunday's "missed" dosage at 8pm and was going to take Monday's around 11pm so I wasn't shooting two at the same time.

    Until I realized that I hadn't had my period this month yet and that I was actually supposed to go onto the sugar pills -- not a new pack! :wtf:

    Can someone advise me what I should do next? I'm going to try call my doctor tomorrow to ask but I knew that some of my fellow PF'ers may have some immediate advice.

    I know that sometimes you can take birth control one month after the other if you want to skip periods....any advice would help!!!
  2. Call your doctor tomorrow, but in the mean time use a secondary method of birth control, like maybe just stay on tPF instead.
  3. ^^^lol.

    I will look around for some info for you. I know that the pills that you usually use where you take it without the sugar pills are monophasic (meaning, there is one dosage level for the entire month), where are tri-cyclen is tri-cyclic (three levels of hormones in the month). I *think* you should probably just keep taking the new pack, and you might have some bleeding, but you should be protected against pregnancy, but I am going to google around on this for you and see if I find anything more definite.
  4. Aw, you're a doll! I tried googling it too but couldn't find anything. I guess I'm not search savvy enough. :push:

    I didn't take Monday's dosage cus I realized I made a mistake after taking Sunday's dosage. It's a big mess, I tell ya.
  5. I found one blog confirming what I said... I'll see if I can locate anything more scientific!

    another discussion on another board about this issue: they seem to basically be saying that you will be protected against pregnancy, but it does sound likely you will have some spotting:

    So I guess if it were me, I would just continue with the new pack and then go back to normal. If you are really unhappy about the prospect of the spotting, though, I would def talk to your doctor!
  6. Don't worry! Just continue to take the new pack that you opened. I always run packs together, and it's perfectly ok - my doc even encouraged me cause I had really bad cramps, so this lessens the times I get them. You might get spotting the last week of the new pack cause it's your first time, but it's not bad.

    I hope this helps!
  7. I read about women who skip the sugar pills and just start the new pack so they won't get their period. You'll be ok but it doesn't hurt to confirm with your doctor. I even think OTC has a hotline maybe you can try that also.
  8. I'm going to say that if you start a new pack you WILL NOT be protected against pregnancy neccessarily.

    Because you're taking the kind of pill that has 3 different hormone levels (I'm on the exact same one) if you want to double up you need to buy 2 packs at the same time and take them like this:

    All the light blue pills (2 weeks)
    All the medium pills (2 weeks)
    All the dark pills (2 weeks)

    I do it this way and my doctor said that's the way it should be done. Going from a very high level of hormone to a very weak level of hormone will not ensure protection against pregnancy.

    If you decide to continue with the new pack use another form of birth control this month.
  9. Could I theoretically not take the pack at all and resume as though I were on the sugar pills? In other words, don't take the new pack and wait for my period. And then on Sunday start with a new pack again?
  10. You would probably have no problem doing that considering you only took one pill and it was the lightest hormone dose. :yes:
  11. Thanks Kimmie! I think that is what I am going to do. I'm waiting for my doctor to call me back. :yes: