HELP!! BG Day with GGH or BG Hobo with SGH?


BG Day with GGH or BG Hobo with SGH or Magenta??

  1. BG Day with GGH

  2. BG Hobo with SGH

  3. Magenta

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  1. I've just gotten a BG city with RH and I love it!!! :yahoo: wow, I didn't expect the BG to be so intense in color. It's always been my greatest regret that I couldn't lay my hands on a BG City back in '05 as they were all sold out. Now I've finally gotten one of my grail bags! :love: Well, it's not a 05 with the gorgeous leather, but it's close enough and I'm satisfied, very satisfied!!

    Now, I'm thinking of getting my 2nd BG but I can't decide whether to get a Day with GGH or Hobo with SGH. So what would you get? Keeping in mind that I love both styles and have both silver and gold jewellery (although I do have a slight preference towards gold). So, based purely on looks (ie. BG goes better with GGH or SGH?) what's your choice?

    ......or should I get it in Magenta instead? :sweatdrop: If so, Day or hobo? GGH or SGH?

    .....then again, I have 3 violets (SGH Work, RH City and RH Day), so having 2 BGs is not too many for me. :angel:

    HELP!! I can't decide!!
  2. I voted for the Day.. GGH. BUT... I think a Magenta SGH Day would be stunning!!! Since you already have a BG in your collection.. I think Magenta would be a great addition.. :idea:
  3. I voted for magenta - specifically a magenta SGH Hobo!! I think that color/style/hardware combo would be amazing!!!
  4. I voted BG SGH but I would also choose a Magenta Day!! ;)
  5. Peppy,I vote for Magenta:yes:!
  6. I voted for Magenta so you can have a variety. (without knowing what your collection consists of). But I am also a person with multiples of the colors that I LOVE! (aquamarine, Violet, French Blue) So if you really love BG, then I vote for the BG Hobo! I love the Giant hobo bag!:heart:
  7. ^^^ hmmmm, what I currently have:
    violet work
    vioet city
    violet day
    jaune day
    applegreen day
    cornflower box
    rouge vif city
    black city
    black first
    ice blue city
    bgum city
    lilac city
    white hobo
    ......I'm sure I've left out a few....most of my bbags are brand new never used, I just love collecting them, so sometimes I do forget what I've got! :shame:
  8. BG Pink with Gold hardware is absolutely gorgeous.:drool: I say GGH BG Pink in the Day.:tup:
  9. wow that sounds like some collection. I voted magenta and would get it with the SGH in a day. That is my personal fav style and I like SH better than gold and with magenta I think it is stunning.
  10. hmmm...seems like magenta is the more popular choice? hmmm.....