Help!Betty or Paddy? Color?Please help!

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  1. Hello, I left the same thread in chloe forum, but probably chloe shopping subforum is better? I'm new to this forum and I'm going to purchase my first ever Chloe bag, probably via Net-A-Porter, as we don't have Chloe boutiques in Ukraine. I'm torn apart, I don't know what to take, as I have enough money only for one bag :crybaby: . I SO love black betty, it goes well with my clothes, I think you can use it everyday, but I also loooove Paddy! From what is available on Net-A-Porter I like sable and tan paddies. Help me to decide what to choose:shrugs: ! I need help! And if someone had experience with shopping in Net-A-Porter, please tell me if that site is ok. Please, please, please!
  2. NAP is the perfect site. Its professional, fast, and ALWAYS authentic, and you get your item beautifully gift wrapped, its like Christmas getting a NAP package!!

    I would go for a paddy over a Betty every day of the week. I think they are much more versatile. Dont get me wrong, the Betty is a lovely bag, but as a second bag after the Paddy, definitely not instead of :smile:

    Best of luck with your purchase, whichever bag you decide!
  3. Thank you! So far I also think Paddy, may be cream color (any of the shades!) I'll share my first Chloe with TBF members (hopefully as soon as possible!).

  4. I'm sorry, I have to close this as it is a duplicate thread. :smile:
Thread Status:
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