Help! Betty for a steal today or hold out for the perfect Paddy?

  1. I need to make a decision quick and my sale-queen-panic-lady is kicking in. There is a Betty Satchel on hold for me right now at Neiman Marcus on sale for $742, in the chamois color. My husband thinks if I want the black small Paddy, hold out, and save my money and get the one you want later. The Betty is probably my second choice for style behind the Paddy, and the color is about my second or third choice. But its marked down from $1,800! Thats such a huge savings I might be willing to compromise!! Chaimois (camel) is classic too, right?

    How low do you think a Paddy will go, if Im patient for the next couple of months and do lots of research? Are after christmas sales really cheapest all year? This will be my staple purse; I just paid off my credit card and only want one special designer perse (for now) I dont expect to become a big collector. HELP! Sale or discipline? Is that a steal to good to pass up?
  2. I always opt to hold out for the bag you truly love rather than buy a bag you don't love just because it was a great price. You will appreciate the paddy much more if you just wait it out. Good luck!!!
  3. ^ I totally agree with Jag. Hold out for the perfect Paddy. =)
  4. Hold out for what you really want!! You won't regret it, when you have doubt about buying something, you dont really want it that much!!
  5. I am currently holding out for a medium satchel in Mousse... it's tough and I do keep getting distracted by other great deals, but I keep thinking about how I will regret getting something else before the Paddy in my fav. color!
  6. Thanks for the advice, I needed to hear that. The chamois color is not what I want. I was really driving myself mad.

    Does Net a Porter charge sales tax? Im wondering what I can expect to pay for a small or medium paddington satchel in black. If I buy it at NM, I pay about 9.75% sales tax, which is about 80 bucks.

    Can I ever expect to get any sort of discounted price on such a popular bag as the Paddington? Whats the lowest youve seen? Where should I be looking? With all the coupon codes, store credit card discunts, etc I could hopefully save a couple hundred if I do the reasearch, dont you think?
  7. Yes, even Paddies go on sale. In fact, there are several sales on paddies lately. I know my NM had a black paddy marked down (not sure to what). Call my SA, Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 and she can find you one!
  8. Now that I think about it- the black paddy might be the one with black hardware??? Call though- you just never know!
  9. Paddies definitely go on sale! I bought my taupe paddy from Nordstrom for 40% off; the price was down to $900 something. Hang in there; you'll find one! :yes:
  10. Im glad to hear, and I will carefully watch those sites! Let me know if you see anything come up! Whats with the Louis Viaroma outlet? Is that what I want? I see theres regular and outlet. Ive got to get up to speed on these online retailers.

    I havent seen the black hardware in person, but online it looks so cool!
  11. Certain black Paddies are really hard to fine and what you're experiencing we've all had to go through one way or another. I say give it up. I'm a bird in the hand kind of girl. Buy the Betty and when you see that special black Paddy at it's awesome that too!~
  12. Although I love the Betty, I think that you should hold out for your Paddy.
  13. Definitely hold out for that paddy!
  14. Yep. hold out! If you pass up on the betty the paddy will feel even more special. I just passed up on a cheaper bag I QUITE liked because in the end it will mean I'll be able to buy a paddy sooner and have more money to buy the exact one I want. It seems disappointing at first to feel you've missed out on a great deal. But for sure the BEST deal is getting that perfect bag!