HELP! best to use on dark cirlces under eyes?

  1. i haven't been getting much sleep lately and i'm starting to get dark circles under my eyes. i can't stand it. i heard Preparation H works but i don't know how i feel about using hemorrhoid cream on my face. what's the best thing to use?
  2. To get some sleep! j/k I read on Cosmo that putting a soaked tea bag underneath your eyes work too but I haven't try it yet.
  3. Vitamin K cream is good too. You can find it at a natural health and food store like Wid Oats.
  4. Nothing really takes the away..however I use Chanel eye cream and Clinique make a great concealer that hides them pretty good..I have serious circles...never leave the house without the concealer!LOL!
  5. i have the exact same problem!!
    normally i put on these some sort of masker on the makes my eyes better and refreshingg..
    in other days..i'll just put heavy concealer on it...
    i would love to hear other girl's adivice..
    ohh..i heard there were these cream that costs $100 and they guarantee that the eye bags would go away..
    dont know whether it really works or not..
    normally i see their ads in magazine..
  6. I read in magazines that Hylexin works well.
  7. Lol, I leant to live with mine, as nothing worked. Concealer got too caked, Hylexin was a total waste of time and sleep didn't cure them :lol:
  8. the best thing ever Lying Eyes undereye concealer by Benefit. You will love it, I use it all the time (problem sleeping) and it is only $18 and lasts about 6 months
  9. Yea, I have heard the same but it is really expensive. I went to Saphora to ask for a sample before I bought it for $95. I wasn't impressed. My girlfriend and I both got the sample and didn't notice a change. So, get the sample first before you throw your $95 at them! :smile:
  10. thank you girls for the advice. maybe i'll try the Vitamin K cream. is there a specific brand for this?

  11. Thank goodness I didn't buy it :biggrin: Phew!
  12. i have the same problem with dark circle but for me its because i am of hispanic origin. i have tried so many things. i have olive skin undertones. i also have combination extrasensitive skin. i also have a crease and nomatter what concealer i put on, the creases show and it looks sloppy. if anyone nows a trick please share. i even had concealer applied professionally, and still. i have goven up. i tried the vitamin K and it did nothing. tried La Mer eye cream and that was a waste of 110.00.
  13. Try thinly sliced cucumber on ur eyes for 6-10mins before you sleep or green tea bags (put it in the fridge after ur done drinking it).
  14. Sometimes dehydration can cause dark circles, try drinking more water and see if that helps. Lack of sleep and then lots of coffee to wake you up - then you're easily dehydrated.

    As for concealers, I still think that YSL Touch eclat is the best, have tried many but YSL works for me.