Help, best color for a jag (car)? Jag Green, black or red?


Bast color for a Jag (car)?

  1. Classic Jg gree (hunter)

  2. black

  3. red

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  1. Classic Jag green (hunter), black or red?

    LOL, sorry for the typos in the poll!
  2. I think red would be nice.
  3. Ok, I have to ask. Would this be for you or for Barbie? :p
  4. British racing green or hunter - whatever you want to call it. Sometimes classic is just the best choice. JMO :smile:
  5. :roflmfao:I was wondering the same thing!
  6. I said black. I think black is so classic and classy...can never go wrong!

  7. lol.........i wanna know! :p

    :nuts: i think red is beautiful!
  8. black
  9. :graucho: LOL, you guys know me too well!

    I would actually never get a Jag...too much up keep. My mom had one, boy was it sweet, but I swear that thing was in the shop mom than it ran!
  10. I have a Jag....mine has never been in the shop. Thank goodness!! Go for black! I think Barbie would love a Black hot!!
  11. A Jag is dh's dream car. The green is the best color for a Jag, IMO. Are there still lots of service problems with them?
  12. I think they are fairly reliable, My dad buys a new one every 2 years and hasn't had any problems with the last 3. I know they first one he had was before they were owned by Ford and it had a mind of it's own. He just bought an 07 XK. I'm in love with it!
  13. Classic Jg green (hunter).

    My FIL had one.
  14. If it's the classic shape, go for green, it it's the sexy new XK, black.
  15. black