Help: Best Chanel to wear Crossbody

  1. Hello everyone! I am looking for a bag to wear crossbody on my everyday and for walking around the whole day on vacations trips. I am looking for something practical and vesitile, that could fit a wallet, keys, mobile and ID. What is your suggestion? I already have the classic flap medium size, but think it is too dressy for this porpuse and maybe not a bag to be worn crossbody. Would appreciate your help. Thank you.
  2. Chanel Gabrielle or cc filigree flap. Both are travel-worthy, crossbody, and in stores now. Business affinity might be another contender. Basically seasonal bags or possible a reissue.
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  3. I think the 17B seasonal flap is an awesome bag and I am surprised I don't see it more. Crossbody, light weight, two compartments inside, back pocket perfect for a phone and sturdy calf leather! Looks very classical and timelines. Comes in 4 beautiful easy to wear colors and 3 different sizes!

    Not my pic but I somehow have it on my phone.
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  4. Mini flap.
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  5. Boy
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  6. Every Boy I have tried has been way too short for crossbody. :sad: I am in love with the boy and haven't taken the plunge because of this. How tall are you and where does it hit on you? And what size is your boy? Thanks so much, I appreciate it!!
  7. reissue!
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  8. So agree! Perfect Cross body and day to evening wear.
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  9. Thank you! What size?
  10. Thai you! At what size?
  11. I would suggest a WOC. I would use the card slots in the woc to hold my ID/credit cards. That is my go to bag when on vacation :smile:
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  12. HI! I'm 5'2, 105 lbs. and have the old medium boy. It hits me at the hip area, just where I like it.
    Here is my reveal thread with mod shots, although I've gained 5 lbs. since then! :lol:
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  13. Hi, I was on the same search for an everyday bag and settled on the Business Affinity bag in medium size for $3300. I'm only 5 ft 1 in and it falls nicely on my hip. Here is a pic of it on the sa. I haven't used it yet but will try to soon .
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  14. I have the small size and love it. I am 5’3.
  15. Love it!! Congratulations!!!
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