HELP!! Bergdorf Goodman & Gerard Darel

Jan 10, 2006
I just bought a GD today over the phone from BG in NY. And yes, I bought a purse.... You can give me all the crap you want :P

Anyways, I'm hoping that someone on this forum is in NY or has seen the GD's at BG. The SA wasn't that great at describing the purse or the color. She said that they all looked the same and that there weren't different styles. She said it was brown and NOT tan....

I'd like to know that I'm getting the Drape/Charlotte bag and that it's chocolate brown. But if I'm not, I'd rather be ready to be disappointed when I open the box 5+ days from now...

So if you've seen the GD's over at BG, could you fill me in? Were the GD bags the Drape/Charlotte and were the brown ones, chocolate brown?



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Sep 13, 2005
Louisville, KY
wicked, I believe that GD did produce chocolate brown colored drape/charlotte bags. Now whether or not that's what BG purchased, I'm not sure.
Jan 2, 2006
wicked, i'm sure you got the charlotte, because as i told you in the other post the other models are: charlotte with flap, charlotte knitted and charlotte with 2 pockets on the front. so if the SA says it is the regular, you are getting the right one.
go to the post 'my babies finally arrived' and look at the last page: there are 2 brown charlottes in photograph.
then there is the very dark brown one, always in that thread but i don't remember in which page.


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Nov 27, 2005
Divina lucilla is right. There's only the charlotte in the US...and very limited colors (not as many as EU.)
Jan 10, 2006
Thanks! I just needed some reassurance. I've been "good" about not indulging in a bag, so I was just fretting that I bought one without ever seeing one and the SA was nice, but not very descriptive... She said she could only say it was "a regular brown bag."


Jan 10, 2006
how much are GD bags? tsk tsk wickedassin I needed you as support....boohooo lol
Jan 10, 2006
moe said:
how much are GD bags? tsk tsk wickedassin I needed you as support....boohooo lol
The GD bag at BG was $395. There's a store in California that carries them--people have paid $325 for them.

I had a credit sitting in my NM account (you can use the NM card at BG since they're owned by the same co.)--the credit was more than the cost of the bag--so I don't think I really "bought" the purse. I consider that money already spent since it was from a return of a defective bag that I got for Christmas as a gift and for a pair of shoes that I changed my mind on, but had already paid the bill on. So I didn't really "buy" the purse. And I'm going to have the remainder of the credit sent back as a check to be deposited away.

Is that enough rationalization? And I'm still good at being supportive. I totally admit that this GD purse may just be a slouchy leather thing that I sooo don't need. :lol: