HELP!! Beige, white or red??

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  1. In about 6 hours time, i'm going to make a Chanel purchase. It will be my second Chanel bag. My first baby is a black Mademoiselle classic medium flap. What colour should i get as my second bag? Oh btw, i'm getting a classic medium flap :confused1: :shrugs:
  2. Red!!! I love mine and it's surprisingly neutral.
  3. red because you can always get the white later.
  4. Oohhh, I would go with either red or white!
  5. white!!
  6. my vote is for beige--a black and then a beige bag would pretty much go with everything in your closet. I'm just practical that way!!
  7. white or red
  8. I agree!:yes:
  9. The red!!!!!!!
  10. red is just stunning but beige is so practical...ooh i dont know... :sos:
  11. Funny, I would even say this since my first flap was a white one - but I agree with clk55girl.
  12. red....
  13. Red. It's suprisingly neutral and goes with almost everything!
  14. thye are both very nice. i have the red e/w and just absolutely adore it, so i'd vote for red. but if hte beige your'e referring to is the blush color, then i'd probably go for the blush.
    btw, how did you find the red medium?
  15. love the red.