HELP----Beige Houston for 350$???

  1. I have the chance to get a Beige Houston for only like 350$,yes the bag is authentic but im not sure if i like the beige....

    is the price worth it for a slightly used vernis houston?
  2. if you don't LOVE it, I wouldn't get it...even for a really good price.
  3. Yes, you must love it or it's not worth matter how good the deal is. I have to tell myself that a lot....LOL.
  4. :cursing::cursing::cursing:
    I lost the auction....the bag sold for 250$.............


    i will cry haaha
  5. Aw I hate it when that happens. I'm sure another great deal will come along soon!
  6. :crybaby:I hope soo....
  7. don't worry, maybe it was meant to happen so this way you can find one in the color you love!
  8. Yeah I wouldn't get it if you aren't totally in love with it. I do have a beige Houston and love it, mainly because it goes with everything.
  9. How much does the houston retail for? I want one in a discontinued color but it is quite a bit to pay for a used bag...hmmm....
  10. I loooove mine - get it. It"s such a classy bag (and a great price)
  11. New, it retails for $1450, but used and in a discontinued color, the price will be around $450-$500-ish. The rarer colors like fuchsia seem to go for about $700 though.
  12. I love the style of the Houston, It's stunning in Bronze!
  13. It is a nice bag. But if you dont love it dont get it.