HELP! before I post in the marketplace..

  1. I want to sell my Chanel Mini Bowling bag in the marketplace, but first I want to triple check its authenticity. I posted it in the seller watch before I bought it on ebay and the decision was that it was authentic. I'm paranoid about authenticity and I don't want to have a reputation about posting a fake in the marketplace when I thought it was real. So, please let me know what you think. I really appreciate it.
    For Sale 157.jpg For Sale 158.jpg For Sale 159.jpg For Sale 160.jpg For Sale 161.jpg For Sale 163.jpg For Sale 164.jpg For Sale 165.jpg For Sale 166.jpg For Sale 167.jpg
  2. No one?
  3. Sorry!
  4. It's fake? ..or you don't know?
  5. Hmmm...the lining is correct and the authenticity card and the hologram match up. Those are two signs major signs that show authenticity.
  6. I compared it to my pouchette and it looks good.. I'm just really paranoid and I think I'm overanalyzing here. I'm going to post in the market place now, but if anyone sees ANYTHING, please tell me! I don't want to be responsible for selling someone anything fake!
  7. Plus, if it is fake, I'd like to get my money back from the eBay seller because this didn't come cheap (I was basically trying to avoid tax)
  8. Oh gosh! Im sorry, I meant I didnt know:shame:
  9. That's what I thought! But paranoia has really taken over me!!
  10. The barcode sticker on the chanel box also matches the hologram and authentity card. The price tag number A29792Y03880 also matches the number on the chanel box I believe it is authentic and a beauty
  11. It looks real to me...
  12. That baby is REAL! Can you keep it? It's lovely....
  13. looks real to me, too
  14. I have the regular size bowler and and yours matches up perfectly as far as I can see!
  15. Oh, great! Thanks ladies!

    I would love to keep it, but I'm in a state of desperation for some money! Which I'm sure many of you girls can relate to.. :lol: