Help before I hit up the plastic surgen: How to get rid of love handles?

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  1. I have had love handles since I was like 16 years old. I have tried everything from personal trainers to dieting. I cannot seem to get these things off! I finally came to terms and named them, Fatty and Patty. My hubby doesn't want to shell out for surgery, but I have just about lost my mind on making them go away. Anyone have any proven way to get them off? :wacko:
  2. Well, hate to tell you- but they are part of you. Of course they can slim down, but that is how your body chooses to curve. Mine does too- ask Vlad. He loves my love handles, they aren't my favorite but I have learned to love them!

    Tighten up the tummy and do lots of oblique abs- that is all I can say- but that is just a place where your body chooses to curve. Can't mess with what you havebeen given really!!
  3. if that's your trouble spot, then they won't improve until everything else has improved first.
    Mine is my lower tummy and it's always the very last to go.
    If it's fat, then do cardio, cardio, cardio!
  4. Try this:

    Body Beautiful Canada

    It worked for me. I lost over 5 inches in my abs since August. I was going to go for lipo or tummy tuck or whatever it takes because I've had 4 kids. I'm going to try for a six pack now.
  5. I suggest you start doing cardio at least 3 times a week if not more. More is always better. Next do crunches where you touch your elbow to the knee, while in that position take two-three deep breathe . Then release and go to the starting position. Good luck
  6. Yeah i agree