Help Beer & LV don't Mix

  1. All I have to say is that I kept my cool recently during a business meeting I sat my Beverly in the empty chair next to what does the clumbsy waitress do?? She spills beer all over my gorgeous and loved LV!!! I was furious and probably would have went to she management and insisted that they replace my purse, except it was in the company of business associates, so I just bit my tongue, wiped my purse off the best I could and then placed her in my lap under my napkin...the waitress was appropriately apologetic, but, she obviously did not know the cost or value of the purse she just stank up with beer -- and I don't drink nor do I like beer.....SO

    Fell Purse-a-holcs I need Your Help...PLEASE!!!

    Who is a reputable dealer that can remove an ink mark and now a beer smell from my LV and restore it to it's former glory? I'm so disgusted I don't even want to use it anymore.

    Please give me your recommendations, comments and insight in how to handle this..


  2. Sheesh! LV does repairs but doesn't really do spa treatments like Chanel and Hermes. You could take it to a cobler but then if you ever need any work done or find it is defective and need and excahnge LV won't do it b/c someone non LV worked on it. I would call the restraunt and ask (demand ? LOL) to speakl to the person in the highest power and DEMAND!!! that they pay for your bag. Explain that you didn't wait to seem overreactive ammongst business couleages and that it is a serious issue. Also mention that people should be able to bring nice things to a restaraunt without having to worry that they will be ruined. GL
  3. oh wow, that is horrible! i'm sorry that happened to you!! yeah if that had happened to me, i definitely would have mentioned the cost of the bag to her, and would have talked to their supervisor about it (yeah it was an accident, but why should u have to pay so much $$ to get bag repaired/replaced due to *someone else's* careless actions?). but of course you coulnd't say anything because you had coworkers there....what a a difficult situation...argh, i totally feel for you.

    sorry, i don't have any good advice..i'm fairly new to LV myself (got my first LV 3 months ago)...i hope the other ppl here have some good advice for you...
  4. that's horrible! i'm so sorry that happened to you!
  5. OMG! These horror stories are starting to come out, first with the TSA, and now this?! I'm so sorry, but I can't help you. I would call the restaurant and see if there is something that can be done, but I wouldn't think so. All you can do is complain to them, and hope it doesn't happen in the future...
  6. So sorry this happened to you! Call the restaurant and speak to the manager. They should have to pay for any cleaning costs to your LV and ask what can be done for your bag as far as cleaning.
  7. You didn't say, but I'm assuming the beer didn't actually soak all the way through to the lining, otherwise I think you would have mentioned it. If that's the case, then if I were in your position I wouldn't be stressing so much as working on the bag myself.

    You're not going to damage it by sponging it with with clean water:

    Clean sponge or towelling facecloth, two clean towels, running water at warm to hot/comfortable hand temp. Sit the bag on a bench at comfy working height in front of you.

    Squeeze out the sponge or facecloth in warm water (will dry faster than cold) so it's still just a little bit damp. Wipe over the bag, towel dry quickly. Rinse out the sponge thoroughly so there is no smell of beer to it. Squeeze it out, wipe off the bag again, dry quickly with the towel again. After you've wiped it down and dried it off maybe 3-4 times, change the towel you're drying it with for the fresh one because it will have picked up some of the beer smell.

    You're not going to hurt your Beverly if you're careful. Whether the leather corners have been waterproofed or not doesn't matter, just keep the sponging light and even. Make sure the sponge is rinsed out thoroughly between each time you wipe off the bag because it, and the towel, are the principal means of removing the smell.

    I've used that simple sponging technique with success on a good leather bag that copped a glass of wine. It wasn't LV but was still a good bag and it lived to tell the tale. I remember leaving it sitting on a sweater dryer in the spare bedroom for several weeks just to make sure the smell was gone, and guess what - it was. I guess if you're trying to keep the vachetta pale you'd want to keep it somewhere dark like a closet for at least a week to let it air out properly ... somewhere dark but with air flow.

    Anyway, that's just me and what I'd do. I think it's too late to complain to the restaurant, if you were going to do that you needed to do it at the time. Good luck with whatever you decide!
  8. Oh, I'm sorry this happen to you! ITA w/louis love fendi 818. Keep us posted, Good Luck! :flowers:
  9. I got red wine over my roxbury's pale vachetta, but the color slowly fades away... how much beer was it? the smell might go out by itself if it wasn't too much
  10. I'm sorry this happened to you; I would be very upset too, but I work in the restaurant, and know how difficult serving can be.
    The waitress must feel horrible, and I'm sure she apologized.

    Sometimes it's not carelessness. Truth is, serving is difficult, and accidents happen. :shrugs:
  11. I agree with this. I have some management-level decision making powers where I work and I would definitely listen to the customer's complaint in this situation immediately after it happened. However, I would be skeptical/reluctant if the client called back a few days later to complain; I would wonder and ask why he/she didn't speak to a manager right away, especially if it's involving something so expensive.

    I think your best bet would be to take it to LV for vachetta replacement, or try cleaning it yourself. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works quite well.

    Whatever you choose to do, good luck!
  12. ITA, explain the whole situation about the business collegues, etc.! You definitely should be able to bring nice things out without having to worry! Good luck, keep us updated! I am mad FOR you lol!
  13. Yes, I think that was a large part of my white Oroton recovering from the wine accident. At least it was white wine so the problem was really just the smell rather than a stain, but I think it was mostly just leaving it a few weeks to lose the remaining smell that did the trick. I sponged it off repeatedly and then just left it ... and when I checked it weeks later, I couldn't detect any smell at all, and I have a pretty keen nose.

    That was probably about four years ago and I still carried that bag as late as last summer. It's history now but it was a great bag. Don't go writing off a bag just because of a superficial smell, just sponge it off, let it air, give it a chance to recover.
  14. If you have a copy of the receipt (or can get one) from your lunch you might want to give a call or stop by and let them know what happened. You never know what they might do.
    As far as the smell goes I would just air it out by a window. You might also want to check with LV but there is stuff called febreeze that kills odor. I would only use it on the canvas. You could also try a small bit of vodka mixed with water (once again check with LV 1st). Alcohol kills the smell. Most theatrical organizations use vodka and water to spray down costumes that can't be washed but stink. I saved a prada bag that smelled this way...