help! Bbags for men.

  1. which Bbags would you suggest for men?!

    suggestions everyone!
  2. The only style I wouldn't wear is the hobo, but that's just me. Guys in general look good with works, weekenders, part times, RTTs, besaces, etc.

    I don't think in terms of gender labels; I think what's best is what you think looks and feels best.
  3. what about a brief?

    i love the look and shape of the brief and
    if i didn't get a brief, i would get a part time or weekender.
  4. I like briefs for men too; they have a very practical and versatile size.
  5. yeah, i just love the shape of the brief.
  6. My personal favourite on men is the Besace. It feels like a very androgynous bag. Some men pull of handbags really well and on others they just look awkward or overly feminine. It really depends on you and your personal style and preferences.
  7. see i think i look really feminine to begin with.
    i'm a androgynous, some people can't tell if i'm a girl or a boy and if i use a bag that looks too feminine then people will really think i am a girl.

    i have a ysl rive gauche bag and i think thats a bag that men and women can use just because its really simple and can be worn across your body or as a tote.

    do you think a brief or weekender would be a little too feminine for me considering i am androgynous?
  8. You're CHRISTIANITY on myspace, right?
  9. hahah yeahh! :smile:
  10. I knew it! You're crazy, you don't need to ask; you can pull anything off.

    I thought you had a bag from Balenciaga already, though?
  11. noo that bag that i have is a canvas weekend bag that someone bought me from urbanoutfitters, it just kinda looks like a balenciaga bag.
  12. if you can still find one, i'd go with a courier, just because it's good to wear cross body AND over the shoulder, plus it's very roomy. otherwise, i think a man can pull off anything bigger than a city :tup:
  13. ^^^ Good suggestion, don't blow! You rock your courier. I also agree that basically anything bigger than a city can work for a guy. I have yet to see a guy with a brief but I can see it looking very chic. I guess it depends a lot on indiviuality and just choosing what calls your name. What color are you considering?
  14. I totally forgot the Courier! I love that on men too...
  15. I think all the ones suggested would look great, and I also think the Brief would look AWESOME on a guy. ICB had a Brief in VG that I think he rocked! I'm also interested to know what colors you're thinking of!