Help! Bbag newbie

  1. I am utterly sick of LV, and came across a woman with the most beautiful bag and found out it was a Balenciaga City..
    Then I came across PF, and saw your collections and I think I am now official won over.

    Quick question though, what is the price range for the 06 Citys? I was thinking about whether to go to Barneys in LA and buying myself one of these beautys or if its too pricy (e.g. Hermes Birkin bags) I was going to take a gamble on eBay (unless of course I see one of those bordeaux ones on there,.. omg those are so pretty)

    Thanks for the help :smile:
  2. a brand new city will be 1195 + tax

    be careful when purchasing on eBay. 90% are not authentic- even those priced around retail prices are not always real. check Atchung for auctions that members post- those are usually all real.
  3. Thank you so much :smile:

    hrm.. wow, eBay prices are about the same if not more than retail. I guess because many of the colors are seasonal.
  4. look for for more info on b-bags.
    good luck
  5. thanks for your help :smile:

    hrm.. now lets pray that Bal/LA has some City's in stock (non-blak or white). .too bad I think I missed the Cornflower City's, I love that color.
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