Help BBag dilemma!

  1. Ok guys. I have been thinking and thinking and surfing eBay and reading all your comparisons and views and I have decided that I am not going to get one from eBay on the off chance that it is a fake(knowing my luck) and have spend USD1,000 to USD1,400. So tomorrow, I am going to the nearest Bal store and do the big deed. The question is this: All my clothes are black, all my loved bags are black and this will be my 1st Bbag. I have decided on the PT. Should I get black or wait for Brown? I know that I want a Cafe Brief with GH for sure so should I get black for my PT????????Help!!!!!!!:confused1:
  2. In my opinon I would go to the store and look at the two colours, I think this would help with your decision. However the cafe is quit dark and is a wonderful contrast with the gold hardware. So if you ask me, I would get the cafe, something a little different.
  3. If you are going to get the Giant Brief in Cafe, I would get the part time in black. Love the style and you can't go wrong with black. Good Luck!!;)
  4. I say go with a black in the part time. IMO, having at least one Balenciaga bag in black is a must because it's a classic color. It's timeless and goes with everything. My first Balenciaga bag was a black city two years ago and it's my most used Bal bag. Unless of course, there's a seasonal color that's out now that you want more. Black is always available but it's a great way to start your collection. BTW, GH cafe brief is a great choice.
    Welcome to our addiction!!;)
  5. Oops, posted twice.
  6. Black for sure... its a must-have in any Balenciaga gals collection - you cant go wrong!
  7. PT in Cafe with GH.. love the contrast witht he gold, and you can't go wrong with black outfits wth a dark brown bag!
  8. Cafe with GH, definitely, in either a Brief or Part-Time. Mind you, PTs with RH are nice, as well. Black would be fine, but how about a color with some POP, like Aqua?!

  9. I second the motion! Let us know what you get and post pics! Goodluck!
  10. Thank you folks! Am going to the Bal store as soon as it opens and will keep you all posted. Am very excited as you can all imagine........
  11. Bbag offers a lot of color...maybe you can get a brighter color french will definitely "pop" against your black outfit. :smile:
  12. I think dark brown Bbags compliment black attire really well. The Cafe or Truffle with GH is very classy and would easily fit into your wardrobe.

    But most importantly, try them on first so you get an idea. You can always put the bags on hold if you can't decide in the store. Good luck!
  13. The store opens in 1 hour so am up and ready to go! Will survey my bag collection again and see what I can sell to make room. Keep you guys posted.....
  14. Sure. Keep us posted.

    I'm getting in the habit of selling one bag before I get another. Otherwise my closet is just TOO full.:yes:
  15. ^^I agree! Have fun shopping!:yes: