HELP! Batignolles Horizontal or Neverfull MM?

  1. i need help and opinions please! which one is better? batignolles horizontal or neverfull PM? im really confused i don't know what to get. if you have photos of neverfull mm or batignolles horizontal i would appreciate it if you could post it here. thanks!;)
  2. I would say the Batignolles.. I've always thought the neverfull looks very flimsy.
  3. I don't know about the Neverful, but the Bh has a cell pocket and a nice zip pocket that could hold a small wallet. It's quite wide yet ,still comfortable under the arm. Hope this helps.
  4. this seems to be the ultimate dilemma! i can't decide myself.... let's just put it this way: the bh has thicker and possibly more comfy straps, but the neverfull is hardware-free at the handles, which is what i love! sigh. this is such a tough decision to make!
  5. I agree, it really looks flimsy :yes: Get the BH!
  6. I vote for the neverfull MM .. I adore this bag:heart:
  7. I vote for BH.
  8. I purchased the Neverfill, walked around with it for one day and quickly returned it the next day. It was uncomfortable and the straps did not seem to support the bag, causing the body of the bag to "feel heavier". I replaced it with the BH, which I adore!
    Good Luck and Happy Shopping!
  9. Neverfull.
  10. I vote for the Neverfull. I have this bag and :heart: it. I find it to be very comfortable on the shoulder & it fits a ton. The sag bothered me when I first got it but all I did was put a piece of cardboard on the bottom of it. I use this bag everyday!
  11. BH! I agree with the others who say the Neverfull looks flimsy.
  12. Batignolles.
  13. Bh
  14. I just got the BH, great bag. :tup:
  15. BH! You'll love it, it's an amazing bag!