Help.... Batignolles Horizontal or Houston?

  1. A friend has a Houston she might want to sell ( Bronze Vernis,very pretty ) but I have been eyeing the BH <-- " :heart: " and have seen *SO* many posts with everyone loving theirs. I wanted to get some opinions on what to get! I'd love to get both, but you had to get just 1 which would you get?
  2. i like the Houston, but because it's Vernis, and looks like the kind of bag i would use as an everyday bag and knock around a lot, get the Batignolles Horizontal.
  3. BH baby!
  4. I personally prefer the BH, the houston is a nice bag (especially in the discontinued bronze colour !) but it's not as large and practical. Then again, it is a chance to get a great discontinued piece !
  5. i know, i love the color of the broze houston vernis ( but don't know how much i'd really use it though) however i :heart: the BH looks and way it looks on! i'm trying to figure out how to get both !!
  6. Go for the BH! You'll love it!
  7. And that is the best solution to your dilemma ! ;) :yes:
  8. Of course you should get both, but if you can only do one go for the BH.
  9. BH :yes:
  10. :amuse:
    I agree.
  11. i'd totally go for the BH - its so beautiful!
  12. BH! it's such a good size and shape. besides vernis is just too delicate for me. it's also a little flashier and i'm not very flashy.
  13. I'd go for the BH.
  14. BH because it's not as delicate.
  15. I love my BH, it's so roomy and easy to get into.:love:
    I don't have the houston but I do have the bedford in the bronze and I LOVE that colour, it's so rich and beautiful.:heart: :heart:

    Sorry, I don't think that I'm much help here!