Help! Bare legs? Tights? what to do??

  1. I am attending a wedding December 29th. I'm wearing the dress below, with black pointy-toe heels.

    What should I wear on my legs?

    I am in New England so it WILL be cold! Buuut, I usually go bare leged(sp?) b/c I can't stand pantyhose!

    Should I wear black tights? Pantyhose? Nothing? Help me!! TIA!
  2. I definitely think you should wear black tights, it makes a dress look so nice in the winter! Maybe you could switch up the black pumps for gold, or something patent, so you don't look too black from head to toe. I recently bought Spanx tights in black, and they look SO cute with dresses!! You should try them. They are slightly slightly opaque, so you won't look completely dark and black on the bottom.
  3. how about a shawl/pashmina and pumps in a matching color.
  4. what about a pair of black opaque (or even nude colored) stockings? They make them now with lace at the top so they stay up without needing garters.
  5. I love black tights in winter so that's what I vote for!
  6. I say NUDE stockings....I just wore a similiar dress the other night and thats what i did
  7. I'd probably just do some self-tanner and go with bare legs and a long warm coat. I know that tights and nylons can look great -- but I just don't think they are comfy...
  8. nude stockings so you don't freeze!
  9. Nude (or black) stockings would be best. I think opaque tights are too casual with that type of dress, especially for a wedding. If you really can't handle wearing stockings, then I think you should go bare. It will be cold walking to and from the car, but the reception hall will probably be toasty warm...
  10. nude (basically sheer) stockings would work best!! I use to live in New England myself and stockings would make all the difference besides bare leg.
  11. Thanks everyone!!!
  12. You could try some black stockings/tights with a pattern to them maybe.
  13. bare or nude stocking i guess
  14. I thought maybe a subtle pattern too. I was reading the Spanx thread and went to the website and they have some really nice black tights with a pattern.
    Now I'm really confused.
    Do you think that would be too casual?
    The reason I shy away from nude stockings is that they never look natural on me, they are never sheer enough. They are either too light or too dark. And I'm always terrified of getting a run so I always buy 2 pair.....:girlsigh: