Help! Ball point pen mark on patent leather!

  1. Somehow I got a ball point pen mark on my fuschia embossed Leah wristlet. Anyone know how to remove it?
  2. you can try spraying hairspray on a cotton ball and gently rubbing it on... it worked on my patent leather wallet i have... good luck
  3. I tried the hairspray. It faded a little. The mark may be older than I think. I will keep on trying.

    Patchworkcat-the link didn't work. Oh well.
  4. I tried everything when I got an ink mark on my patent ergo tote..pond, no less! I did a search and did all that was suggested and looked up on google. In the end, nothing worked. It is very faint, and fortunately the Coach hangtag covers it up..tho no one could really tell.
  5. Lucky for me, the mark is vertical and in a fold. I use this one for holding small items within a tote bag. It's not the end of the world but still annoying-I just got it a few weeks ago!
  6. unfortunately, any colored stain on patent leather sinks below the surface and is impossible to remove if it has been there for a long time. you gotta catch it quick before it sinks in.
  7. If you cut and paste it onto the search this forum. It should bring it up. or type in cleaning leather...