Help: Balenciaga Praline RGGH

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  1. Hello unfortunately not doing any reveal of this:sad: Actually I need help with this bag! I have been looking everywhere for this color and combination in preferably a work or a part time. I cannot find it anywhere in the UK or Europe. The only place where the work is available is online in US. They unfortunately advised me today that they do not post to the UK. Although they have advised that US balenciaga boutiques do post. Has any one of you seen this colour combination anywhere, where I might be able to call and buy it?...

    Is there any one who might be able to help??:sad: Please?!
  2. OP I would hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you are probably out of luck buying it brand new from the boutiques. Giant hardware has been discontinued and praline was from previous seasons. Anything giant hardware from previous seasons especially in the colour praline is most likely all sold out...I can pretty much bet on that. Your best bet is waiting for a preloved one to pop up on the bay or bonanza.

    You've hopped onto the G21 bandwagon a little too late :nogood:
  3. I just bought it a month ago at the NY store. They didn't have it in stock but ordered it from the Las Vegas store. I bought the Work.
  4. I'd email some of the US Bal Boutiques if I were you and ask if they have it in stock.