Help!!!! Balenciaga City or First, OR! Marc Jacobs large multipocket ??

  1. In black, how am I supposed to decide? It's so difficult :sad: I want a really versatile bag but it's so hard to decide which one
  2. I have both the marc jacobs MP and city bbag. The MJ's are lovely but much heavier to carry than the bbag so go for the city. It's light, roomy and has a sholder strap. I've been carrying mine for over 2 years and love it.
  3. I agree (of course, posting this in the B-Bag forum is going to get you some pretty obvious responses!). I sold all of my MJ bags, they were just ridiculously heavy with the hardware and all of the things going on. Even my Sophia was waayyyy too heavy once I got into Balenciaga.
  4. As a former marc jacobs collector that now uses bbags and chloe bags mostly, I would say go for the city. The city is a bit edgier. (for me this is good, but for others, not so good, so your mileage may vary...)

    I don't have a city yet though so I am talking about day bags which is what I have experience with. I am looking to buy a city soon though.
  5. Okay... not to be biased here. :graucho: My Black MJ multi-pocket hasn't seen the light of day since I've had my bbags... I've sold a number of MJ bags, and I'm pretty much just keeping the newer ones I've purchased. I love the MJ zip clutches though, still hooked on those. (BTW, I am KICKING myself for just buying a new MJ bag last week, because then *poof* a bunch of bbags I have been looking up for showed up online!!! :cursing: )

    My vote would be for the.... Balenciaga Black City bag!!! :yes:

    So versatile, classy, and great for most occasions!! Definately the best bang for your buck, unless you're wanting something a bit smaller and just carry essentials, then go for the First. Like I said, not trying to be biased here...
  6. oh girl.... most people would say balenciaga here :p

    and me too, i say get the city!
  7. i would definitely say go for the black city! its the perfect bag for everyday use
  8. Okay I guess ive decided lol :smile:
    Balenciaga Black City it is :p
  9. I'm not into Marc Jacob at all! :push: IMO if you were to get a black quilted bag, you might as well get a Chanel reissue (which I have two).

    Go with the BBag in CITY if you want more room, or FIRST if you don't have a lot of stuff. The motorcyle style is ingenius and you can't go wrong.:drool: It's SO stylish and chic!
  10. Black Balenciaga City!!!
  11. Black city hands down. Your shoulder and back will never forgive you if you buy the lg. multipocket!
  12. Go for one of the Balenciagas!
  13. (chanting) CITY...CITY...CITY!!!!
  14. I also have a MJ large multipocket and a Balenciaga city. Between the two I would also pick the city because it weighs less and it carries just as much stuff. I think the only thing I like more about the MJ is that its more comfortable over the shoulder than the city.
  15. I'm not biased since I like different designers, but I would say black city in this case (or the first if you don't plan on carrying much). I love the MJ MP's sharp look (especially black w/silver is beautiful!), but as everyone has said, it's soooo heavy. Not sure where it's really coming from but it's moreso than the paddington. It's gorgeous though, so if you like the nice soft heavy leather and thick hardware, and don't mind taking a chance on ripping a rotator cuff, then go for it. You could always get the city and find a MJ at a good deal later on since they tend to go on sale (NM outlets are a great place to get these). It's a nice bag to have for variety, and for those short errands, but not as a primary one.