Help...Bal Mangue or PS1 in Mustard

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  1. I recently bought a like new Bal city in Mangue but now I've found a Proenza Schouler PS1 in mustard which I love. I really can't decide what to do and I definitely don't need two yellow bags - I would never use both of them enough to justify the expense! So...get rid of the mangue and buy the PS1 or keep the mangue???? What to do!?
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    Hi Sparkles, please keep in mind you are in the Bal forum, so I am somewhat biased. :smile: Having said that I also loved the PS1 style when it came out and bought 2, one in fuchsia and one in coral. I loved the bag, the style and size. What I did not love was the quality of the leather. I had been using the fuchsia one for a couple of months and one day I was in the Vons parking lot and it started to sprinkle.....really just a little drizzle. The rain left ugly little water marks all over my bag. I was really upset. I have a wonderful SA that I bought it from and he knows me.....I do not return bags.....this was a first for me. He took it back and suggested I try another color. I chose a pretty coral color, but within a few weeks the same thing happened; not with rain, but something else stained my bag and I don't remember exactly what it was. I returned it and will never buy this brand again. It does not compare to Bal leather (or Prada or Gucci), which is beautiful and durable. Of course this is all just my opinion. Good luck with your decision. :heart::heart:
  3. Thanks DextersMom. I'm a major Bal fan also so I'm surprised to be so in love with the PS1! :biggrin: Thanks for the info on the leather - definitely good to know before purchasing!
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  4. I have a city and a PS1 medium - I have to say, I use my PS1 more. It's super convenient with all the pockets, and I always feel organized. Plus the shoulder strap stays on, unlike my city. The city is lighter though. I don't think you can go wrong either way.
  5. I have to agree. I have both city and ps1 medium and I use ps1 as my daily bag. For some reason I feel like ps1 is more sturdy because I like wearing bags on my shoulder. I always feel like wearing the shoulder strap on the city would crease the middle too much. But it's probably just me. Since I have 2 young kids, I need to be hands free most of the time. Both leathers smell amazing so you can't go wrong :smile: let us know what u decide!
  6. for the color i'd pick bal but for the use i'd go for PS1. i use my PS1 all the time now, i only pick bal for only short trip to the town or sth because it is super convenient with PS1, all pockets and its lighter than bal. BUT AGAIN, PS1 broke so fast! Mine after only half a year it became loose and fall into pieces! grrr....
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