HELP!!!bag shipped 3 weeks ago, buyer refuse to leave feedback, what should I do?

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  1. Hi everyone, I have this situation as titled, and I'm pretty new with Ebay, the buyer paid for the bag but it's been 3 weeks after I shipped it and it shown to be delivered, I don't know why she just refuse to leave a feedback for me, she didn't reply to my message also. Will Ebay give a negative/neutral feedback automativally if there's no feedback left in a period of time? I'm really worried, please help~~~
  2. Feedback is voluntary, and Ebay will not leave a negative or neutral automatically. If you've already messaged her about it without response, I would just let it go.
  3. Thanks for educating me! I'm sorry if this question is too silly, I'm really a newbie with Evilbay.
  4. Some people just dont bother with feedback. I wouldnt worry about it
  5. There's really nothing you can do. After the email telling them that it was a pleasure doing business with them and you're happy to see that they've received the item and hope that they're happy with it, leave it alone.
    Some will just not bother to leave feedback. Try not to worry about it. :smile:
  6. Let it go - some people view it as being pestered and react negatively.
  7. Thanks for your suggestions, I just want to make sure it does not affect my credit history, not leaving is better than negative, won't worry any more!
  8. I have the same issue....item delivered a week ago, not a word from the buyer. But I figured no news is good news. I don't want to send them a message and ask for feedback, so I'll just wait and see and let it go.
  9. I get a lot of non-leaving feedback buyers. Back when I just started selling, I really counted on those fbs to help build up seller's credit, but then some just won't bother. So I let it go.
  10. Don't worry about it. Some buyers don't log on to ebay as often as you do, so won't know they have to leave fb, or they could be traveling, or they deleted the section containing items won on My Ebay page.
  11. Yeah, right now I am in the setting-up mode, that's why I care about each feedback.But no worry any more! Thanks everyone, you're the best!:tup: