Help - bag restauration - have you ever...

  1. bought a bag which is in need of restauration or fixing up?

    Hm, here is my story - I LOOOOVE a Celine Boogie but can't buy new and even some second hand are just too expensive (I know that it is an expensive bag....)
    Anyway, I found one on eBay for a really decent price, authentic and ok, colour was orange but i didn't mind. So I jumped at it. But the description needed interpretation - it said some signs of use - translate to TOTALLY DIRTY!!!!! :cursing: well, :sad: that was me - usually I am good with bargains but this one.....
    problem is it is nubuk leather, so that takes all dirt so easily -
    I decided to restore it - use black dye etc.

    Any suggestions on what I could? Or any similar experiences and what did you ?

    thanks, really appreciated! (my parents are laughing at me for days with this story, and I don't even tell my husband... (you can imagine...) - so have to do something :shrugs:)
  2. I would take it to a good shop wherever you live that can dye it for you!!!